The Truth Behind Everyday Logos

The Truth Behind Everyday Logos

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09 Jun 2015

You see them everywhere you go – from the office to the gym – and they form an immediate association in your mind as a trusted hallmark of quality. The world’s most recognisable logos inform your purchasing decisions both on a conscious and subconscious level, but when it comes to a logo’s design, how do they get to have such an immediate and lasting impact in customers’ minds? And what can you learn from the world’s best-known designs to influence the creation of your own?



The world-famous coffee chain has seen changes to its near-ubiquitous logo throughout the past 20 years, most notably in dropping the words ‘Starbucks Coffee’ from the outer edges and closing in on the maritime mascot. The striped patterns which adorn the edges here are actually tails – the Starbucks ‘Siren’ is a two-tailed mermaid.

But it’s the white-on-green which really catches the eye – an unusual combination used here to denote freshness and the natural touch of the coffee bean grower. This is a far cry from the original, white-on-brown logo which, while a good indicator of their caffeine-fuelled refreshment, showed the mermaid in a much less family-friendly light.


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