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Speaking the Language of Design

Speaking the Language of Design

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09 Jun 2015

Design terms and phrases can be difficult to understand if you are new to the field. The ability to effectively communicate with a designer can mean the difference between having your design vision for a custom flyer or business card, delivered accurately or not. Use our design definitions to gain insight into everyday design terminology, so you can solidify your brand’s visual identity and enhance your marketing materials.  

1. Artwork

Artwork is the term given to the final layout of type, image and photography. All of the elements are packaged and ready to go to the printer. Make sure you give everything a good check over to ensure that it meets your print specifications.

Jennie Talbot

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Hi! I’m Jennie, and I’m the Creative Lead at instantprint. I love using my design knowledge to inspire small businesses to think outside the box when designing their print.