Roller Banner Artwork Guide

Roller Banner Artwork Guide

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12 Apr 2019

Hi, Leanne here. I’m the Head of instantprint’s Studio team. We want your sales and events to go down a storm – which is why I’ve created this guide to help you set your roller banner artwork up for print.


What Size Should My Artwork Be?

We offer two sizes of roller banner – standard and wide. Our premium roller banners have the same measurements as our standard ones. You’ll also need to add 3mm bleed and 3mm safety zone to help make sure all of the important parts of your design are safe during the trimming process.



Take a look at our bleed guide if you need any help setting up bleed and safety zones.


What Resolution Should My Artwork Be?

Make sure all images are set up to 75-150dpi resolution for high quality printing. Here's how to do this.


What Colour Mode Should My Artwork Be In?

We use CMYK colours for printing, so make sure to set this up in your artwork file. Read our colour guide for more help with this.


How Do I Check My Proof?

Once you’ve uploaded your artwork, we’ll create a proof for you to approve. Nothing gets sent to print before you tell us you’re happy with your design. Using our special 10 point check, we’ll look out for a range of things: is the bleed set up correctly? Are the fonts embedded? – that kind of thing.

One thing we can’t check for is spelling and grammar. Make sure you proofread your whole document before approving the artwork – especially things like contact and event details.

Check out our proof checking guide to find out more about what we check and what you can do to make sure your artwork is print ready.


About the Author

Hi, I'm Jess and I head up the studio team at instantprint. I help customers understand how to supply their artwork for print.