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Postcard Design Inspiration to Help You Create An Awesome Postcard

Postcard Design Inspiration to Help You Create An Awesome Postcard

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22 Jun 2016

You may think that postcards are just for your Granny to tell you all about her seaside holiday, but here at instantprint we’ve been on the hunt for postcard designs worth talking about! From beautiful postcard designs your customers would love to ways different companies use postcards for their marketing, here are our top picks…



1. Inspirational Quote Postcards
This is a truly refreshing take on traditional travel postcards. There’s nothing quite so trendy in the design world right now as cursive fonts and calligraphy. This kind of type is bold and expressive type, which emphasizes the quotes on the postcards, and wouldn’t look out of place on visual social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

This kind of postcard would be great for selling at a tourist spot or as an online gift for wanderlusts.

Image: www.pinterest.com



2. Art Deco Postcard Designs
Demonstrating an excellent use of the Art Deco style popular for posters in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, these postcards hark back to the golden age of travel. These postcards would make great gifts for older relatives or friends who are interested in this era – we think they’d even look good framed on a wall or mantelpiece for easy vintage décor!

The following examples show different landmarks recreated in an Art Deco style, and this would be a fantastic way to show off your local landmarks or even your business if it’s in a particularly interesting location.

Image: www.pinterest.com



3. Woodcutting Printed Postcards
This beautifully designed postcard uses one of the world's oldest printing techniques - woodcutting. This printmaking technique involves gouging a pattern out of a piece of wood, rolled in ink, then stamped onto paper. Woodcut printing originated in China, which fits perfectly with the postcard design example below.

Image: www.pinterest.com



4. Hand Drawn Illustration Postcards
It’s the delightfully strange and minimalist designs that make these postcards memorable. If you’re an illustrator, postcards are a fantastic medium for selling your prints because they make great gifts, you can pop them in frames and they’re super collectable. 

They’re also a great addition to any kind of delivery you’re sending to a customer – for example, have your design on one side, and website and social media handles on the other side.

4 www.pinterest.com.jpg

Image: www.pinterest.com


5. Monsters, Myths and Legends Postcards
A great idea for next Halloween, these seasonal postcards prove that this print essential isn’t just for summer! If you’re stuck for an idea for a Halloween print to sell or give away with an order, why not keep it simple with business cards like the ones below? Use your signature design style to make something that really resonates with your customers and that they’ll want to keep until at least Christmas.

Image: www.designcrushblog.com



6. Mixed Techniques
The cards below use a combination of traditional hand-drawn imagery with modern collage techniques create a striking overall effect. We also love the little brown bags that are being used to distribute the postcard designs to their new owners!

Image: www.behance.com



7. Interactive Postcard Design
An interactive design is great for any product; it's more engaging and makes it more likely that your message will stay in the viewer's mind. This black and white postcard example folds out into a striking shape from an envelope, revealing the information to the reader. This creates an almost VIP experience and is sure to be remembered.

Image: www.behance.com



8. Fold Out Postcard Ideas
Even better than a fold out message, give your recipient something that they can make and keep! The first of these examples gives instructions on how to create an origami fish out of the postcard, which fully engages the recipient, making them more likely to remember your brand. The second uses beautiful pop up architecture, transforming the humble postcard into something worth keeping – and even displaying!

Image: www.behance.com


Image: www.behance.com



9. Cake Postcard?!
Everybody loves cake! Surprises are a great way to get a message across, especially when they involve food – even if it’s fake! Adding a 3D element to a postcard not only makes it more memorable, but it will also result in a bulky envelope, often known as lumpy mail. According to the Online Marketing Institute, this kind of mail outperforms standard direct mail formats by 250%, with more opens and therefore more leads.

Image: www.sheknows.com


So now you have some inspiration for your next postcard campaign! If you've spotted any more examples of fun, effective postcards, give us a tweet or share them on our Facebook page.


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