Inspirational Business Awards Finalists: Kamran Zaman

Inspirational Business Awards Finalists: Kamran Zaman

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24 Nov 2015

Kamran Zaman is one of the ten finalists in the instantprint Inspirational Business Awards, read more about his story and his business, Charity Candy in this interview.

1.) What has been the toughest part of setting up your business and getting to where you are now?

I had a really secure job with a company car and a decent salary, but to me this wasn’t rewarding. I gave all of this up to start Charity Candy after seeing first-hand the difficulties people go through. It was a huge risk and I took a massive gamble with my personal finances, but doing something good meant much more to me.

2.) Why did you enter the inspirational business awards?

I’ve seen a lot and it really opened my eyes – I’m hoping through sharing it will inspire other people to make a difference in the world.

3.) What do you think makes your story so inspirational to other small business start-ups? And why do you think you deserve to win?

Charity Candy has helped changed the lives of so many people. And this was a dream I decided to pursue regardless of what people said. Through Charity Candy I’m encouraging people to get involved on our mission to help end poverty.

4.) If you could give one piece of advice to small business start-ups, what would it be?

Keep going no matter what! Ignore the hurdles along the way.

5.) If you win, what do you plan to do with the prize money and promotional products?

I’ve tried really hard to build this business on my own, so the financial support will help me expand and raise awareness in other areas across the UK that I can’t afford at the moment.

You have until Sunday 6th December to vote for Kamran & Charity Candy as Britain's Most Inspirational Business.


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