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Unqiue Wedding Order of Service Examples That Go Against Tradition

Unqiue Wedding Order of Service Examples That Go Against Tradition

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08 Sep 2016

Whoever said you had to stick to traditions? When it comes to your wedding, you should do it your way, from the ceremony and celebrations, right down to your Order of Service booklets.


To help give you an idea of how an Order of Service can be tailored to you and your wedding, we’ve put together some fun examples that guests would never forget…


Family Ties

Got kids? Nieces or nephews? Ask them to draw you a picture of how they imagine your wedding and use it for the cover of your Order of Service. Not only would this be adorable, but it’s a great way to make your Order of Service completely unique to you and your family!


Family Ties.JPG



Pen It

What’s more personal than a handwritten Order of Service? It’s fun, it’s charming and it’s budget friendly as it would save on any design costs! This one’s particularly good if either you or your partner is arty, or if your handwriting is notably distinctive. 


Pen It.JPG



High Flyers

For those who love to travel, or are planning a big, adventurous honeymoon, why not encompass a travel theme into your Order of Service design? You could turn it into a passport and perhaps even get your guests to stamp each stage of the day as they come to it! Not only would this be a fun way to keep your guests engaged, but it would make your Order of Service the perfect keepsake for guests to take home.


High Flyers.JPG 



High Flyers 2.JPG




Are you and your betrothed big festival fans? Give your Order of Service booklets a festival guide twist and pop them on lanyards for guests to keep handy! (Mud and wellies are optional!)




Wed-Fest 2.JPG



A Novel Approach

Book lover? Why not dress your Order of Service as a novel? The events of the day could be listed as chapters, and you could even indulge your guests in a short and sweet prose of how you and your other half met!


A Novel Approach.JPG



Laid-Back Vibes

If you’re not one for lengthy details or regimented planning, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping your Order of Service super relaxed! As long as your guests have a rough idea of what to expect (e.g. when you get married, when the party starts), then the rest of the day is entirely free for surprises and spontaneous fun! 


Laid-Back Vibes.JPG



Hit the Slopes

If winter sports are your jam, you could give your guests a taste of the slopes with a ski-themed Order of Service! It may not be traditional, but it’s certainly cool! 


Hit The Slopes.JPG



Go Outdoors

Are you the outdoorsy type? Get adventurous with your Order of Service with camp icons, earthy tones and a recreational map of the day’s events!


Go Outdoors.JPG 


Go Outdoors 2.JPG




Mischief Managed

A Harry Potter themed wedding is the stuff of dreams! And what better to share the details of your big day with all the witches, wizards and muggles in attendance than an Order of Service that’s disguised as a copy of The Daily Prophet!


Mischief Managed.JPG



Whether it’s a favourite hobby, a personalised design or a passion that you and your other half share; when you want to make your wedding Order of Service represent you, the options are endless. So throw that rule book out the window and go with a design or style that works especially for YOU!



Jennie Talbot

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