How to Create an Eye-Catching Roller Banner Design

How to Create an Eye-Catching Roller Banner Design

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09 Dec 2019

Pull up roller banners are an exhibition essential. They’re such a visual representation of your business and their size means you can extend your branding across your entire display booth. But this means everyone (even your competitors) will have one. Making your design stand out is the key to event marketing success, and as banner specialists, we’ve got a few insider tips to give you the edge…


  1. Consider Your Display Area
    The first thing to think about it where your roller banner is going to go. Will it be right at the back of your display booth or up front and centre? Will the bottom half of it be obstructed from view behind a desk, or will event attendees be able to see the whole length of it?

    Whatever area/s of your roller banner will be visible on the day, make sure your main message is visible and that your logo or business name is prominent. 

  2. Follow Good Practice for Design Placement
    Even if your entire roller banner is visible, certain areas of your display will be more visible than others. Here’s a rough guide to roller banner design placement best practice.

    how to design a roller banner with top, middle and bottom thirds explained

    Top Third
    In the top third, we recommend adding your logo or business name. This means the whole crowd can see who you are which is great for brand awareness. If you’ve got room, you could also add a one-line summary of your campaign, depending on why you’re attending the event.

    Middle Third
    At over 6.5ft tall, there will always be a section of your banner that’s at eye level for most of the crowd, somewhere in the middle third of the canvas. This is where your main message or call to action should be. The example below, designed by one of our incredibly talented customers, does this perfectly!

    green roller banner design for a cake decorating business
    (Polka Dot Creative)

    Bottom Third
    The bottom of your roller banner will only be seen when event-goers get up close to your exhibition booth, so this is where you can add the nitty-gritty details like contact information, website and how people can find you on social media – which all have the purpose of helping you follow up after a customer or potential customer has shown interest in your business.

  3. Brand It!
    Like all of your printed materials, your roller banner needs to represent your brand. This helps reinforce your brand in your customers’ minds so they’re more likely to recognise you when they next see your branding. Here are a few ways to check you’ve nailed your branded roller banner design:
    •    Use your brand colours and fonts
    •    Add your logo
    •    Make sure any text is written in your tone of voice
    •    Use images that suit your brand style

  4. Less is More
    Someone walking past your booth or stand has about 3 seconds to glance at your roller banner. This means any text you use needs to be short and to the point. As roller banners are an extremely visual tool, try and use more image-based messages rather than filling your banner up with lots of writing. 

    If you do need to include written information on your design, keep it towards the bottom of the banner, like in the example below (another awesome customer roller banner design!).

    brown outdoor roller banner design for a food and drink festive
    (Silver Fox Marketing)

  5. Prioritise Quality
    Like with smaller pieces of print like flyers and business cards, making sure you use the highest quality materials possible can make the world of difference, especially if you want your brand to come across as premium.

    Premium roller banners have big sturdy base cassettes that hide the legs for a more polished look, making them an easy option for showing your attention to detail and quality of your business.

    Using high-resolution images is another way to make your roller banner look high quality. We recommend using images with a resolution of at least 300dpi for printing to avoid blurry and pixelated visuals. 

  6. Go Wide
    What’s the one big thing that can make your roller banner really stand out? Make it wider! The wider your roller banner, the more room you’ll take up, and the biggest banner in the room is sure to get the most attention. Wide roller banners also give you even more room to play with the design – show off more pictures and add more information, all with a little more breathing space.


From correct design placement to making sure your print quality is as powerful as possible, we hope these top tips give you all the inspiration you need to create an eye-catching roller banner design. Need a little more help? Check out our free roller banner design templates and customise online today!


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