The Best and Worst of Motivational Staff Room Posters

The Best and Worst of Motivational Staff Room Posters

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09 Jun 2015

A great company can be more than the sum of its parts – but if your team lacks the motivation to help pull it all together, you could miss out.

The staff room is a place where employees can take their breaks in a comfortable setting, but it’s also the place that, with the right display content and placement, can provide a much-needed dose of inspiration on a daily basis.

But be careful – sending clichéd messaging can be detrimental to morale and demonstrate a lack of connection to your co-workers.

Here, we have some examples of the right – and the very wrong – motivational methods:

The Good

Think outside the box

While a clichéd turn of phrase like “think outside the box” may prove unpopular at staff meetings, adding a twist as per the poster above is certainly a refreshing change of pace.

The eye-catching yet simple design in a dynamic and informal font allows the reader the freedom to put their own spin on things, rather than following a corporate tone as you may expect to see adorning the walls at a more senior level.

Breaking free of constraints is one of the principles of motivational thinking, and this poster sums up perfectly a time to do just that.


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