How to Customise an Order of Service For Your Wedding

How to Customise an Order of Service For Your Wedding

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18 Nov 2015

When it comes to your big day, you’ll want everything to be perfect, including your order of service. Getting creative with this staple keepsake will make it all the more personal for your guests, and give them something special to remember your wedding day by.  

No matter your ability, you can add that much-sought-after handcrafted look by adding a few little extras to your final printed booklets. Need a little inspo? Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty! Here are our favourite ways of customising an order service that’s unique to your wedding day.


Ribbons and String

Adding a touch of string or ribbon to your order of service can give it a vintage, handmade feel. This method is cost effective and simple to do whether you tie it along the spine or thread it through to secure it together, it’s a quick way to enhance an otherwise traditional item. 

If you can find a ribbon that’s the same colour as the ones you’re using for your wedding theme, that’s a huge win! 


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Pearls, Diamonds and Lace

If you’re feeling creative why not add some lace, diamantes or pearls to your front cover? A little bit goes a long way and a touch of sparkle is never a bad idea! You can add any kind of decorations you want to your order of service, just make sure you use a strong PVA glue so everything stays stuck.


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A big trend at weddings and parties right now is bunting, so if this ties into your theme, why not incorporate this into your order of service? We love this simple order of service with triangles of cotton or lace attached to a length of string, it’s really easy to tie it into your décor.

This is a particularly lovely idea for summer weddings – bunting is reminiscent of street parties and summer fairs. If you’re going for a vintage look with a modern twist, bunting it a fantastic customisation choice.


simple order of service



Something More

We’ve seen some great examples of 3D elements gracing the covers of an order of service and they really do look amazing! How about a little pocket for confetti or perhaps some mini flags? Both provide a unique talking point and will allow for some fun photos with your guests.


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If you’re unsure of where to begin, check out our helpful guide on How to Make an Order of Service. 


A Textured Stock

Unique and textured paper stocks are a great option for giving any printed wedding stationery a stunning look and feel. We’ve launched a whole new wedding print range with a huge choice of stock options. Check it out here.

These stocks work best on minimal order of service designs, like the one below, because they really show off that gorgeous texture that would otherwise be hidden.

Image: Invitation House



Ready to get started on crafting your own DIY orders of service? We offer a huge range of high quality wedding and funeral order of service printing options. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our helpful guide on how to make an order of service.




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