Creative Ways to Design Business Cards In Unusual Ways

Creative Ways to Design Business Cards In Unusual Ways

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17 Oct 2018


Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon mind-blowing life hacks? Something that makes you stop and think, “why have I never thought of this before?” Let’s face it; time is money, and any time you can free up by boosting productivity with tricks and shortcuts is a win in our books.

You can even make life way easier with just a few business cards. I know what you’re thinking: a business card is exactly that, just a way of handing your contact information to someone else in a networking environment. But, depending on your design, the humble business card can be so much more. And with free same day dispatch, you can start right away!

Here are our three favourite business card hacks to try at home.


  1. Custom Clothes Tags

If you’re in the retail sector, chances are you’ll use these a LOT. By incorporating your business’ name or logo into your business card design, you can easily make clothes tags that are both unique to your store and exactly how you want them. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

(Pictured: Clothing, hole punch, scissors, your custom business cards, pen, string)

  • To make your own branded clothes tags, first use your pen to mark where you want the hole to be.
  • Then, use your hole punch to create a hole where you’ve marked on the card.
  • Cut your pieces of string into approximately 10cm pieces.
  • Now you can thread the string through the holes in your clothes tags.
  • Next, thread the string through the label on your piece of clothing.
  • Finally, tie a knot in your string to keep the tag attached to the clothing.

(Pictured: the finished clothes tag!)


  1. Quirky Jewellery Backing Cards

Business cards are the perfect size for jewellery clips – you can fit earrings, necklaces and even nose rings on them once you’ve made them into jewellery clips. Designing your own also allows for more creativity, especially as you can match your brand style. We’ve used Spot UV for an even more stylish and eye-catching finish. Here’s everything you’ll need to make your own:

(Pictured: Pins, ruler, various jewellery, scalpel, business cards)

How to Make a Hairclip Holder

  • For a hairclip holder, simply clip the hairclip onto the business card!

How to Make an Earring Holder

  • To create your own earring holder, use the ruler to measure where you’re going to place the earrings, making sure the holes will be an equal distance from the edges.
  • All you have to do then is use the pins to create two small holes for the earrings to go in – like this:

(Pictured: Earring holder)

How to Make a Ring Holder

  • For the ring holder, you’ll need to use the scalpel to make a ‘|__|’shape that’s the same width as your ring.
  • Pop your ring into the ‘U’ shaped hole you’ve just made and you’ve got a ring holder!

(Pictured: The earring and ring jewellery clips)


  1. Branded Jar Tags

Whether you’re a jam maker or you use jars of goodies for fun trade event competition prizes, branding jars with business cards is something you should definitely consider. Add your business’ name and store contact details/opening hours so people can come back for more! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

(Pictured: Jam jar, hole punch, pen, mini business cards, tape measure, string, scissors)

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is to use the pen to mark on the business card where you’d like the hole for the string to go.
  • Use the hole punch to make a hole where you’ve marked with the pen.
  • With the tape measure, measure the circumference of the top of the jar.
  • Measure out your string – it will need to be around 10cm longer than the jar’s circumference so that you can tie it later.
  • Cut the string to size.
  • Thread the string through the hole in the business card.
  • Finally, tie the string around the top of the jar.

(Pictured: the final branded jar tag)


And there you have it – three alternative ways of using business cards to help boost brand awareness! If you use any of these ideas for your own business, or would like to share some business card life hacks of your own, we’d love to see them. Show us your own print creations on social media by tagging us @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk for a chance to be featured.




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