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6 Innovative Ways to Boost Recruitment with Print

6 Innovative Ways to Boost Recruitment with Print

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31 Jan 2019

With more and more millennials opting for freelance work over permanent contracts, there’s no denying that it’s getting more and more difficult to find the talent you need to drive your business forward. This means you need to pull out all the stops to attract people who might not always see your online job advertisement. 

Print offers a fantastic alternative to help your vacancy stand out to jobseekers who are continually faced with streams of near-identical ads. So, whether you’re about to hire your first employee or you’re in total recruitment drive mode, here are 6 innovative ways to boost recruitment with print.

  1. Book a Stand at a Job Fair

    Going to a job fair or recruitment event that’s local to your business is a fantastic way of both:
    •    promoting your job vacancy to local jobseekers; and
    •    building awareness for your brand.

    But to really feel the benefit of attending an event like this, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared. From creating a stand that invites people in to having the right kind of handouts for candidates to take home and refer to later – as in most areas of running your own business, planning is the key to success.

    What You Need to Take to a Job Fair

    Here are our top job fair print essentials to attract the right candidate for the job:

    Exhibition Stands

    Job fairs are busy. So, to stand any chance of getting noticed, you need to go big. With their podium, aluminium frame and halogen lights, exhibition stands are the perfect way of showing off your brand, standing out in a huge crowd and giving yourself a platform to reach out to attendees.


    When we say handouts, we mean the big three promotional tools: business cards, flyers and booklets

    Whether you keep everything neatly together in a presentation folder or welcome pack, or arrange them on your desk for jobseekers to pick and choose from, having some kind of information they can take home means they’ll be able to research your business once they get home and create their application.


    If there’s more than one member of your team attending the job fair, make sure you look the part with custom branded t-shirts. This way, everyone will know that they’re welcome to ask you questions and which stall you belong to.
  2. Organise a Pre-Graduation Mailer

    With 26% of UK students stating that graduate employment was a major trigger of mental distress, employment anxiety is a huge issue for those about to graduate.

    University graduates are often bright, enthusiastic and willing to learn a new way to work, making them perfect candidates for a lot of businesses. If you were considering advertising on student job websites, another great way of appealing to them would be to organise a flyer drop or direct mail campaign to target those about to graduate. 

    By targeting your campaign around areas with high levels of student housing close to graduation time, a lot of pre-graduates – who are brimming with potential and talent – could apply for your business’ vacancy.
  3. Advertise in the Right Publications

    With recruitment websites such as Reed and Hays seeming to monopolise the job ad world, it might seem redundant to advertise positions in the newspaper. However, there are advantages to this that you might be missing out on if you haven’t tried it yet!

    It’s Great for Hiring Locally

    If your business isn’t in the city, it can be beneficial to advertise in a local village or town newspaper. By focusing in on a specific geographic audience, you can target people who have specific knowledge of the area, making this method perfect for hiring tour guides or taxi drivers.

    If they’re closer to work, it also means your new employees are less likely to be late to work!

    To measure how effective this is for your business, you can ask candidates how they found out about the job vacancy.

    It’s Great for Attracting Experienced Workers

    Although a pre-graduation mailer is a great recruitment strategy for attracting younger, possibly less experienced workers into your team, newspapers are the way to go if you want someone with more experience. 

    According to YouGov Profiles, the majority of newspaper and magazine readers in the UK are aged 55 and over, making this a great place for a job ad requiring someone with 15+ years’ experience in the field.
  4. Refer Customers in Store

    Another fantastic recruitment strategy, especially for restaurants and retailers, is to refer customers to ads using print in store. 

    Leave postcards or flyers at the till letting customers know that you’re recruiting. Chances are, if they’re shopping with you, they love you brand already and will be excited at the idea of potentially working for you. Make sure to include how to apply – do they go online or should they bring their CV into the store?
  5. Use Your Window Display

    Another place to advertise job vacancies (especially if you want to target people who you already know love your brand) your shop window is a perfect place to start.

    Try placing a poster or sign right at the point of entry. And to make the biggest impact, try positioning it at eye level. Combine this with the right poster design and it’ll be hard for customers or passers-by to miss your ad! You could even include an incentive for your customers to recommend their family and friends. 
  6. Invite People for a Tour of Your Business

    Whether you own a factory, a shop, a restaurant or even a bakery, inviting people to come and look around your business is a great way of informing them that you’re currently advertising for a job role. 

    Even if you can’t offer a tour, you could invite your potential customers for an after-hours VIP event or even a free taster session. And if you don’t get any takers for the job? You haven’t wasted any time or money because you’ve created a positive brand experience, which in turn will help with brand awareness.

    To do this, you’ll need to create invitations and mail them out to a select number of customers. Remember to include the date, time and location and possibly what to expect from the day/why they’ve been chosen (e.g. they’re a top customer).

    Be sure to include all your contact information. Ensure your invitations’ call to action drives an RSVP so you can prepare for and follow up after the tour. 


When it comes to recruitment, print certainly isn’t dead. For more help with marketing with print, keep an eye on our Printspiration blog. Here, you’ll find how to create an exhibition stand, what to include on a poster design, and loads more. 

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