Write for us!

Write for us!

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25 Mar 2021

We’re looking for guest writers with business know-how and experience to create outstanding articles to feature on our website. Sound like you? Then keep reading…

Maybe you’ve recently implemented a huge change in your business and seen fantastic results that you want to shout about – or maybe you’ve got an interesting spin on news that’s trending in the business world right now. If you’ve got an idea that challenges and pushes boundaries, we’re all ears.


What we’re looking for

  • Articles between 1000-3000 words (or more if you’re really passionate about your subject!)
  • Content written by business owners for business owners
  • Clear thesis and argument – not just a list of tips and tricks
  • Preferably supported by data – fact check and cite sources where necessary
  • Current and cutting-edge topics in your industry


What you get in return

  • Get your content seen by over 600,000 businesses in our database
  • We’ll promote your content over our blog, email and social media to over 200,000 business owners
  • We’re happy to give one backlink to your business or a product/service featured in your article
  • Be featured as the blog author with a bio all about you


How to submit 

Please email across a short pitch or title ideas to us at enjoy@instantprint.co.uk. We’ll then get back to you to let you know if you’d be a good fit for our blog.

Only send us original content – we won’t post anything that’s already been published elsewhere. Please do not send us press releases or sales pitches.


About the Author

Hi, I’m Ally and I’m instantprint’s PR Lead. I enjoy writing content to help small businesses succeed and inspire them to get creative with their print marketing.