Where is WFH Now?

Where is WFH Now?

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22 Apr 2024

Over the past few years, we've witnessed a profound transformation in the landscape of work. As the dynamics of our professional environments continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace, we surveyed 1,000 UK office workers to better understand where working from home is now and employee opinions on hybrid and remote working.

Pre Pandemic

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit back in 2019, office employees worked differently. The terms flexible working and remote roles weren’t necessarily something that was discussed in the workplace, especially for those who weren’t working in progressive companies or industries. 

Pre-pandemic, we asked our survey respondents what their working situation was.

It’s probably no surprise that almost half of the respondents shared that they didn’t work from home at all and we’re solely office-based or onsite.

22% of respondents were in hybrid roles and the remaining 22% were in fully remote roles.


Following Covid-19 hitting the UK, we asked survey respondents what their working situation was during the throws of the pandemic.

13% of respondents shared that they were furloughed or sadly unemployed.

10% of respondents remained onsite, possibly as key workers.

15% flexed into hybrid roles and a not-so-surprising 49% of respondents went fully remote.

13% of respondents shared that they were ‘other’ revealing that they chose to retire, became ill, or worked in an industry that was unable to operate such as events.

Post Pandemic

Post-pandemic, we asked respondents how their roles and working status changed again, if at all.  The widespread necessity for both employers and employees to adapt to new modes of operation has not only catalysed significant changes but has also fostered a fresh perspective on the dynamics of work itself.

Now, 35% of office workers surveyed shared that they are hybrid, flexing between the office and working from home.

34% of respondents shared that they are fully remote and 18% are back to working in the office full-time.

Since the pandemic over 12% of respondents have chosen to retire or have interestingly started their own business.


What Do Workers Want?

We asked our survey respondents if hybrid working is important to them.

33% of respondents shared that they would only work for or apply for jobs that offer hybrid working.

35% shared that hybrid working is somewhat important to them but it’s not a deal breaker.

23% felt that hybrid working isn’t important to them.

7% revealed that they can now only work on-site due to their job role.

We also asked survey respondents why they like having the option of hybrid working. Our respondents ranked:

  1. Wellbeing - 52%
  2. Less commuting - 50%
  3. Saves money - 43%
  4. More productive - 40%
  5. Fits around other commitments - 29%
  6. Can get housework and errands done - 26%
  7. Fits around childcare - 16%
  8. More time to workout - 15%
  9. More time in bed - 11%


Working From Home and Impacts on Productivity

Whether we’re more distracted by kids and pets at home or get too caught up in the office gossip, does our environment impact productivity? We asked survey respondents if they believe they are more productive when they work from home or in the office.

51% of respondents believe that they are equally productive.

32% believe that they are more productive when they work from home.

Only 17% believe that they are more productive when they’re in the office.


What Are Workers Really Up To?

We asked our respondents what secret things they have done when working from home that they've never told their employer. Common answers included

“TV, recipes and personal planning”

“Walked the dogs”


“Naps but they make me more productive”



“Online exercise classes”

“I watch a TV series”

“Coffee with a friend”

“Playing on my phone”

“Worn PJs all day”

“Practiced guitar”

“Picking up parcels”

“Take a shower”



Are you guilty of any of these whilst working from home? Can't think of anything worse than going back into the office? Let us know your thoughts on social media by using #instantprintuk!


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