What Your Personalised Water Bottle Says About You

What Your Personalised Water Bottle Says About You

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24 Mar 2023

Joining our recently launched merchandise range is water bottles! A staple for many businesses, a water bottle is a super easy way to ensure your brand is distributed and seen by many eyes. But what does your water bottle choice say about you?

We’ve gone ahead and compiled some useful information about our new water bottles below as well as created a list of some of the most popular water bottle designs and what we think they say about you and your business.


Personalised Water Bottles Common Questions

What material are my custom water bottles printed on?
We can full colour print your designs on a choice of white or silver stainless steel. Not only is this durable and easy to keep clean, but it’s also a great eco-friendly alternative to a plastic bottle as it’s designed to be reused. Any blank areas of your design will show the colour of your water bottle when printed.

How should I wash my water bottle?
We recommend only hand washing and fully hand drying your personalised water bottle after use to maintain optimum product quality. To ensure the printed design remains in top condition, this product is not suitable for dishwashers and microwave use.

How big are printed water bottles?
The full length of the bottle is 26cm, with a width of 7cm. The design area is 17cm x 10cm and wraps around the width of the bottle.

How are water bottles printed?
We use a technique called sublimation printing for our water bottles. This technique works by transferring a design from sublimation paper onto the water bottle using a combination of heat and pressure. This type of printing is known for its long-lasting and high-quality finish.

How can my business use personalised water bottles?
Stainless steel water bottles are perfect for keeping your drink cold all day long. Many of our clients print branded water bottles as corporate gifts for their employees and top clients. They’re also a popular option for branded merchandise giveaways and competition prizes. Popular amongst gyms and attractions, they’re also a great addition to any gift shop!


What Your Water Bottles Say About Your Business

Business name and logo
You’re timeless and not looking to overcomplicate your brand. Your business name and logo have been curated for a reason and why try to change that? You’re confident in your business and want the world to see it in all its glory. When you attend an important meeting or take part in a trade show, you want to make sure your brand is seen.

An inspirational quote or tagline
You’re a believer in your mantra. Your business's values and ethics mean a lot to you. Your tagline has been created with you and your customers in mind, and you want you and your customers to be reminded of that. 

You understand that a personalised experience makes a big impact. If your water bottles feature names, you’re all about making your team and or customers feel appreciated and known! Extra credit if your water bottle also includes their job title!

Brand imagery
You have a strong brand that’s easily recognised from its branding. Whether you have a signature colour, set of shapes, or pattern, there’s no need for you to place your brand name upon your bottle. Your powerful brand guidelines set the tone for your business and you’re bold about it.

Illustration or artwork
You know what you’re good at! As a graphic designer or illustrator featuring your own artwork on a personalised water bottle, you’re out to make a statement right down to drinkware. You’re also in search of fun new ways to sell your designs to your customers.

Prints and patterns
You’re a creative individual who is either ordering for your own enjoyment or looking to sell to like-minded individuals. Whether it’s floral, animal, or something fruity, you’re big on creating prints that reflect personalities!


In Conclusion

Personalised water bottles are a fantastic way to get creative with your business. They’re an extremely low-cost product so by purchasing in bulk, you’ll get a great return on investment by subtly advertising your brand to potential customers!

Our merchandise range doesn’t end there. Check out our range of tea towels, tote bags, stickers and mugs online and find even more practical and fun ways to engage your audience and advertise your business.


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