Printer Profile: Landa S10P Nanographic Printing

Printer Profile: Landa S10P Nanographic Printing

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29 Jan 2020

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our Landa S10P – and it’s finally landed at our South Yorkshire-based production facility! The Landa is a nanographic printer (the first of its kind in the UK, and we’re one of the first to own this kind of printer in the world, we might add!). This incredible piece of printing tech uses a special kind of ink, giving it the ability to produce an even wider range of colours with a super sharp, high-quality finish.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Our Landa is the groundbreaking double-sided model, meaning it’ll be able to print up to 6,500 B1 size sheets per hour. That’s equivalent to 117,000 A5 single-sided leaflets per hour!
  • This means it’s 4.33x faster than our current digital printers, meaning we’ll keep on top of our promise of unbeatable turnaround time on your print.
  • Bridging the gap between lithographic printing and digital printing: the Landa will maintain a higher quality over long and medium runs, meaning we can pass savings in time and costs onto our customers and deliver the high quality we’re known for!
  • It uses 5 billion drops of ink per second.
  • Each colour has its own server.
  • It’s the first printing press you can actually get inside.
  • The Landa is styled on an American aircraft (f-117a) that’s been in service since the 1970s.
  • The ‘cockpit’ area of the printer boasts 4 huge screens, so the operators can see exactly what the printer is doing, including temperature levels.
  • The Landa S10P weighs 36 metric ton – that’s the same as six adult elephants, or approximately three London buses.
  • Our improved S10P model of the Landa is one of two in the whole world, the other being located across the pond in New York.
  • The Landa produces zero waste.

Cutting Edge Machinery Meets VR Training

As revolutionary as the Landa will be in the UK print industry, this doesn’t mean we’re reducing our man power! We’re upskilling a team of our current workforce to become Landa experts, three of whom have been to receive specialist training in Israel (the home of the Landa!) from the creators themselves.

An additional team will be trained up in house. The training course will be VR (virtual reality) and we’re looking at potentially creating a VR room dedicated for training Landa operators on the machine.

The VR training course will put the operators in real-life problem-solving situations and guide and coach operators on how to fix specific problems.


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