How To Make The Most Of Small Business Saturday With Print

How To Make The Most Of Small Business Saturday With Print

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28 Nov 2017

Saturday 2nd December is Small Business Saturday: a day that champions entrepreneurs and local businesses. This is your chance to make the most of promoting your small business to your community – here are some top tips to help…

1. Support Other Small Businesses

You’re in this together, not apart! Support your other local small businesses by using them as suppliers, or champion each other on social media.

Your local small businesses can be your partners in crime: build a network of local business owners and run cross-business events to improve revenue.

A promotion valid in every store, for example, can improve overall traffic to the area. Or, local shops could give out a voucher for the ‘store of the month’ when a customer makes a purchase over a certain amount.

This kind of co-operative working and cross-promotion will strengthen your business relationships, help establish your presence in the community, and boost long-term customer loyalty.

2. Put Up Posters To Promote Small Business Saturday

Posters are a great inexpensive tool to let your customers know about campaigns like Small Business Saturday. You can use them to explain the campaign (“Support your local business!”) or to offer exclusive promotions (“10% off on Small Business Saturday!”) to encourage people into your shop.

A poster can be put in the window for passers-by, or hung in-store as part of an attractive display. They’re a handy and inexpensive way to spruce up your business without a high investment for short-term promotions.

3. Use Small Business Saturday To Launch A Loyalty Programme

Loyalty is important to all businesses, but it’s particularly vital for small companies that rely on regular return custom. It costs a lot more to find new customers than it does to keep old ones!

Loyalty cards are a great way to encourage repeat custom. A simple folded business card in an uncoated finish will let your customers collect stamps in order to receive money off or a free product.

For example, a hairdresser could double their appointment cards as a loyalty cards, and offer 50% off every 10th cut. A café might want to use loyalty card stamps to give their customers a free drink every 5th visit.

When choosing your loyalty scheme, make sure it’s attainable and realistic. People won’t want to return to your shop ten times just to get a free coffee worth £1. They would, however, like a half price hair cut that could save them a lot of money every year.

4. Use Recommend-A-Friend Cards To Boost New Custom

Word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly powerful. Use Small Business Saturday to promote a special recommend-a-friend offer.

For example, for every referred friend that completes a transaction in your shop, your original customer receives a £5 voucher. This can be easily done by using postcards.

Simply include space on the postcard for your customer to include their details, and the new customer to write their own contact information. When they hand this card over during a transaction, they get money off – and you know who to send the £5 voucher too.

5. Use Outdoor Advertising To Help Customers Find You

There are so many different outdoor signage options that will help you direct customers to your small business.

Dibond aluminium signs are great for installing on the side of a building, or as part of your store front. Vinyl banners are an inexpensive way to create eye-catching promotions that can be seen from a distance.

Even A-frames are ideal for small businesses, as the weatherproof vinyl posters inside can easily be replaced as your promotions change. Placed outside your business, these signs will draw customers to you when they may not have even known you were there before!

These are just a few ways to make the most of Small Business Day on Saturday 2nd December – but there are plenty more ideas to promote your startup over on the blog!


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