The Best Ways to Display Christmas Cards Like a Pro

The Best Ways to Display Christmas Cards Like a Pro

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11 Oct 2022

Christmas cards remain the number one way to send seasonal wishes to friends and family, which begs the question: how should you display these messages of love and care? Whether you want to keep it traditional by propping them up on the mantel or create a showstopping display to wow Christmas dinner guests, here are 10 ways to display your Christmas cards like a pro interior designer.


1. On the Mantelpiece

We had to start with the most traditional way to display Christmas cards, which is of course the trusty mantelpiece. Most homes’ mantels have just enough room to prop up cards – almost like that’s the purpose they were designed for – so it’s no surprise that many folks choose this option.

Ideal for showcasing just a few cards from your closest friends and relatives, there are a few different ways you can spice up this Christmas card display example.

Christmas cards displayed on a mantelpiece

Adding a garland or fairy lights to your mantelpiece display is a great way to modernise this traditional Christmas trend, and can fill up any gaps you might have. Similarly, hanging a piece of string across the mantelpiece and sticking your cards up like bunting is an ideal option for thinner mantelpieces where card placement may be precarious.


2. Peg Them Up

You don’t need to limit pegged-up Christmas cards to the mantelpiece. This option is great for hanging Christmas cards above beds, between wall lights or just to fill up some empty space on your wall.

As well as string, try pegging your Christmas cards to fairy lights, ribbon or even a piece of yarn in a festive colour like red or green.

You can purchase an array of different peg options, including ones with hearts or stars on to add the piece de resistance to your Christmas card display.


3. Empty Frames

If you’re not sure how to display Christmas cards on the wall and you’re all out of string and pegs, another great example is hanging up empty picture frames and adding your Christmas cards to them.

Gold frames are an excellent choice for Christmastime. If your card doesn’t fill all of the space within the frame, you can create a background for the card by framing Christmas wrapping paper. Then, simply tape or tac your Christmas card to the wallpaper background, fit your masterpiece into the frame and wait for the streams of compliments to come in from guests!

Picture galleries are also an incredibly popular trend at the moment. Framing Christmas cards in multiple frames of different shapes and sizes could give you this desired effect.


4. Back of the Door

The back of your doors often go completely unused, giving you a blank canvas to create your own Christmas card display. 

Christmas cards hung on pieces of ribbon on the back of a door

There are a few different options for adding Christmas cards to the back of your doors which cause zero damage or mess, making it easy to tidy up once the festive season has finished:

  • Ribbons and string – hang ribbons or strings vertically from the top of the door and peg cards to them
  • Washi tape – festive-themed washi tape is a great way to temporarily stick Christmas cards to your door, and choosing colours like red and green is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than standard scotch tape!
  • Blu Tac – for a seamless finish, reusable adhesives such as Blu Tac are a great way to add Christmas cards to the back of a door


5. Along the Bannister

Decorating the banister is a much-loved tradition for many families at Christmas because it’s easy to fasten ribbons, bows and garlands – and that’s where we’ve taken inspiration from for this Christmas card display example.

Christmas card display idea using a garland on a banister

If you’ve already got a garland, you’ve already completed step one of this Christmas card display – simply fasten your cards to the garland at each spindle of your banister to add an extra festive touch to your staircase.


6. Shelving

Any kind of shelving provides ample space and opportunity to show off your greetings cards. Due to their thick card stock, Christmas cards can be left free-standing, meaning any flat surface can house them.

Adding Christmas cards to shelves allows you to decorate every single room of your house. Alternatively, pick one shelve to display all of your cards on to ensure a concise and neat appearance.


7. Window Sills

Just like shelves, window sills are also a great option for displaying freestanding Christmas cards. The added bonus is that your neighbours get a good view of how popular you are too! 

Typically, Christmas cards on windows still face into the house to ensure you – the recipient – gets to enjoy the view, however, you could switch things up by having the back row of cards facing outside and a front row of cards facing inside.


8. Across the Bulletin Board

If you’ve got a bulletin board up in your kitchen, this offers an option to pin up Christmas cards without damaging your wall. This option also works well for corporate Christmas cards you receive as a business – put them up on the noticeboard in your company’s canteen to bring festive cheer to all your colleagues whilst they’re enjoying their breaks.

A bulletin board being used to display Christmas cards and postcards

To create your own DIY corkboard, save up your old wine bottle corks and glue them together in the shape of a Christmas tree. Hang this decoration from your wall and safely pin your Christmas cards to it!


9. Create a Wreath

Greeting card wreaths are an excellent way to display cards. Some choose to display the full card, whereas others like to recycle Christmas cards into stylish wreaths as a way to prolong the festivities after Christmas is over.

Christmas cards pegged in a circle to create a wreath

This type of Christmas card display is made by gluing overlapping cards (or cut-out sections of cards) together into a circular wreath shape to hang on a door or wall. There are lots of how to make a Christmas card wreath tutorials out there to give making your own a go! 


10. Fill a Glass Cabinet

If you’ve got a cabinet or sideboard with a glass door, keeping your Christmas cards displayed inside offers them a level of protection against pesky pets and children who might be prone to knock them over. 

This option also allows you to create a focal point within your home as you can add other festive elements to your cabinets such as fairy lights, fake snow and window stickers.


By employing some of the different ways to display Christmas cards we’ve outlined above, you’ll be able to bring Christmas joy to each area of your house in a stylish and timeless way. Whether you decide to hang your cards up on the door or place them front and centre on the mantelpiece, we hope we’ve inspired you to try something new! What’s your favourite way to display Christmas cards? Tag us using @instantprintuk on Twitter to let us know.


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