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How To Choose The Best Business Card Size For Your Startup

How To Choose The Best Business Card Size For Your Startup

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01 Feb 2018

Business cards come in more than one size! The standard UK business card size is 85mm x 55mm, and it does the job really well. It’s classic. It’s stylish.

But is it really what your brand needs to stand out? Business cards are essential network marketing tools for startups and entrepreneurs, so here’s the lowdown on a range of business card sizes to help you choose the best one for your company style.

Standard Business Card Size: 85mm x 55mm

The same size as a credit card and the most common, this could still be exactly what you need for your startup.

There’s plenty of space for a logo and all of your contact information, and you can even include a photo if you fancy it.

The standard size means you’ll have more options in terms of finishing combinations, too. For example, you could go for 450gsm silk stock paper or a lighter but shinier 350gsm ice gold metallic paper.

You can also choose from finishing touches such as Spot UV and rounded corners. These unique additions can be a great way to present a classic size business card with a twist to intrigue your customers.

Mini Business Card Size: 85mm x 25mm

Sleek and slimline, these minimal business cards are great for showing that you can make an impact with few words.

With 450gsm silk stock paper as standard, these mini business cards may be small but they still feel super-professional in your customer’s hand.

If your startup focuses on productivity, life coaching, or even eco-awareness, a mini business card size could be perfect to make your point!

Square Business Card Size: 55mm x 55mm

Square business cards are handy for a minimal design, which includes your logo and basic contact information.

However, they can also be made into creative displays of your work! For example, a photographer or travel blogger might want to design their square business card to look like a Polaroid picture.

Folded Business Card Size: 85mm x 55mm With Four Sides

If a standard business card won’t hold all of your information, don’t panic! A folded business card is perfect for you.

With four sides instead of your standard two, these folded business cards are ideal for handing out to clients. Whether you want to print your price list on the inner pages or leave blank spaces to write in your next appointment, a folded 350gsm business card is ideal for a range of business types.

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