How Print Can Help Your Charity Reach Its Goals

How Print Can Help Your Charity Reach Its Goals

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27 Mar 2024

Volunteers within the charity sector work tirelessly to aid awareness and growth of their respective campaigns to reach their goals. From flyers to promote a cause, to stapled books to guide events, physical print is a fantastic way for charitable organisations to spread awareness and achieve their targets, both on a campaign level and a yearly level. In this blog, we’re going to uncover the benefits of print and how it can support your charity in reaching its goals.

What Are the Benefits of Print for a Charity?

With a variety of printed products available, print is prominent in everyday life, from direct mail which comes through your letterbox, to posters providing information about offers and events, so there’s a strong element of familiarity from a customer's perspective when they see print marketing. 

Charities are constantly working hard to raise awareness, demonstrating commitment to making an impact and educating the public. Statistics from Harvard Business Review show that 82% of customers trust print marketing, proving that print is still a great addition to your charity's marketing campaigns. 

Top Print Products for Charities

According to Statista, there are around 169,000 charities in England and Wales, and we appreciate their volunteers who constantly work hard for their causes to build awareness and raise funds. To support your charity with this, we’ve curated a selection of top products you can use to promote your charity with print.

Flyers and leaflets

Whether you’re looking to distribute information about your charitable cause in person, or through the post, using printed flyers is a highly effective way to increase awareness and raise funds. Flyers and leaflets tend to be extremely cost effective, as you can buy them in bulk quantities, meaning that you can ensure that you’ve got enough without worrying about breaking your budget. We wanted to keep it easy to create flyers which stand out, so created a step by step guide to simplify the process, which you can read here. 


It’s always important to ensure that your donors and the causes you’re working for feel recognised and understand that their money is going towards great initiatives, so building rapport is key. Whether you’ve recently held an event or noticed a recent donation, postcards are a great way to thank your donors for their support with a personalised touch. By adding a customised message to each postcard, you will be able to showcase how much you appreciate the donation, which may lead to the recipient telling their friends and family due to feeling noticed. 

Business Cards

Business cards are a classic when it comes to networking and brand awareness. Whether you’re hosting an event or discussing your charity's cause with someone, being able to hand over a business card is a fantastic way to help your conversation remain memorable. The dimensions of business cards make them easy to distribute and give the recipient an easy way to keep your information in their wallets and purses. Although business cards usually have a single point of contact, you can use them to promote your message and give people a reference point to find out more about your cause, with your charity's contact details. 


If you’re looking to capture the attention of passers by, eye catching posters are a great way to build curiosity. Many charities use posters to resonate with their target audience and get people thinking about the causes they’re working on along with actions which they can take. Due to their versatile nature, you could look to place them on the walls of your premises, within event spaces, or in public areas of high traffic. 

Stapled Books

From hosting events to providing key information to donors and stakeholders, stapled books are an amazing way to keep all information bound together in one place. We often see charities using stapled books for magazines to provide updates to donors on a regular basis and for yearly reports as part of their campaigns thanks to their professional aesthetic and budget friendly pricing. 


A great way to keep your charity in front of people all year round is by offering calendars. Whether you look to sell them to raise funds or gift them as part of a holiday campaign, calendars are a great way to promote your message all year round. Each month you could add a different image, whether that be a round up of work which you’ve done previously or a message which resonates with your charity. Another great impact of calendars is that they can be seen by visitors while they are on your customer's wall, leading to people enquiring about the graphics and the work your charity does, leading to further free exposure. 

In Conclusion

Print is a great way to promote your charity, no matter where you are in the world. We understand that to reach your goals as a charity, you need to ensure that you’re making the most of various effective communication channels to promote your message to raise awareness and funds. No matter if you’re looking to market from afar, or communicate directly with donors, there are various print products available which will suit your campaign, so you can raise as much money as possible. 


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