How Environmentally Friendly Are We?

How Environmentally Friendly Are We?

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03 Sep 2018

Here at instantprint, we understand that printing can impact on the environment. That’s why we have measures in place to make sure we can alleviate any of these effects on the environment that might arise from the huge amount of work we put out every day. We’re committed to constantly aiming to improve on how environmentally friendly we are, from meeting environmental management standards to everyone in the company doing their bit to reduce waste. Here are some of the ways we make sure we’re as environmentally friendly as possible!


Yearly Inspections - We're ISO Certified.

We’re certified, and work towards, a family of environmental management standards called ISO 14001:2015. These standards are written documents describing how a good system works and what good processes look like. This means that we’re inspected every November by external auditors and then a framework is provided for us to follow to set up an even more effective environmental management system. This assures us that our environmental impact is constantly being measured and improved!


Sustainable Sources - We only use paper from sustainable sources.

We’re also FSC certified and all of the paper that we buy is from FSC certified suppliers. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organisation committed to improving responsible management of the world’s forests, meaning they ensure that their suppliers only use paper from sustainable sources. This is really important because, by helping to maintain forest areas sustainably, we can protect different species and reduce C02 levels in the atmosphere.

As well as this, all of the paper we use for printing is either FSC Mix or FSC Recycled. So, not only is it sustainable sourced (and we’re helping towards regenerating forests!), but we’re also using the greenest options available to us.


Waste Management - We recycle 97% of all our waste output. 

We work with a range of waste management partners with the aim of recycling as much of our waste as we possibly can. Just like our FSC Recycled paper, we recycle around 97% of all of our waste output. We’re a business driven by our people – who are dedicated to creating a smooth, successful print experience for you – and one of the ways we manage waste is by taking the time to train our production team up to a high standard and by making sure that we have a strong proofing system and team behind every print job. This way, any job errors are kept to a minimum and we waste as little as possible and you get your printed products exactly how you want them.


War on Waste - Everyone in the company is commited to reducing instantprint's waste. 

As part of our constant effort to reduce the amount of waste we produce, we launched a company-wide campaign this year called War on Waste. This meant that all departments in the building were set targets for reducing their waste outputs.

As part of our War on Waste we achieved the following remarkable waste reductions:

  • We reduced the number of sheets wasted in our Lithographic stream by 52.77%, which includes the amount of paper, ink, power for the machines and chemical usage.
  • Our Digital printing stream reduced the number of wasted sheets by 45% – again, this includes paper, ink, power and chemical usage.
  • Our Inkjet stream changed their process and managed to eliminate all excess waste.
  • We also worked to reduce our electrical outputs. We installed timers on several of our processes so they’d automatically turn off when not in use. We also reduced power usage on our UV drying processes by 1/5th.
  • We re-evaluated all meetings and cut out any that weren’t needed to save energy in our meeting rooms.
  • We programmed all air-conditioning units to automatically shut off in the evening so none were left on overnight.
  • We virtualised all our internal server infrastructure to use less power.
  • Our overall waste produced was reduced by a whopping 1/3


Since 2017, we’ve continued to practice what we began for our War on Waste campaign and are still working towards developing even more and even better ways to ensure our environmental footprint is as light as possible.



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