How a Wire Bound Book Is Made

How a Wire Bound Book Is Made

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08 Dec 2023

What Are Wire Bound Books?

Wire bound books employ a spiral wire coil that is passed through a series of perforated holes along the spine of the book. If you’re in search of a book that offers flexibility and durability, wire bound is the perfect choice. Incredibly hardwearing wire bound books are perfect for everyday use.

This binding technique is an ideal option for notebooks, calendars, manuals or any projects or campaigns you know are likely to be flipped through often. Offering a full 360-degree rotation with lay flat qualities, wire binding can help you create an accessible and user-friendly piece of print. An incredibly clever marketing solution, our wire bound books can be personalised to suit your brand and customers' needs. Choose from a range of sizes, stocks, lamination and pagination and build a wire book that you can be confident will stand the test of time.


How Are Wire Bound Books Printed?

Wire bound books require a level of true precision and attention to detail. Ensuring the perfect set-up for the book’s holes to be punched correctly and the careful winding of wire onto the book’s spine, our team of experts have all the know-how and skills to ensure your wire bound book oozes quality and is executed to the best standard.


Step 1: Printing

At instantprint, we understand that books are complex, requiring true attention to detail. Before sending to print, our skilled team will get to know your artwork, checking the specifications in detail and preparing your file for print.

Your design will be sent down to our factory where our experienced operators will begin printing your design onto your chosen paper stock.


Step 2: Trimming

Once the pages have been printed they are guillotined to ensure the final pages are neat and consistent before the holes are added.


Step 3: Collating and Punching

When your design has been trimmed, the single sheets and covers will be collated ready to be punched and bound. Single sheets allow for the pages to be turned fully along the wire when bound, they’re not fixed in one position like other book binding methods.

The pre-collated and trimmed pages are loaded into our Renz AP360 Punch Wiro. The die (a template that shows us where holes need to be made) is adjusted to the correct size for the booklet and then pages are fed through the machine where holes are punched ready for the wire.


Step 4: Wire Binding

Once your wire bound book’s pages have been punched, the pages will then be positioned on our Renz ABL 500 Wiro Binder and the machine will insert wire through the punched holes to create the booklet.


Step 5: Final Checks

Once complete, our expert team will take time to check over your finished product to make sure it meets our high standards. Your booklets will then be sent to our dispatch team who will carefully package your print ready to be collected by our couriers and shipped to your business.


What Machines Are Wire Bound Books Printed On?

Landa S10P/HP Indigo 100k

‍When printing wire bound books, we’ll use either the Landa or one of our three HP Indigo digital presses! We’re the proud owners of the UK’s first nanographic press – a new printing technology that is set to revolutionise our industry. The Landa helps us combine the methodology of lithographic offset printing with a digital operating system, which means your print gets the best of both worlds. If you choose shorter runs the Indigo 100k will make light work of your print, achieving some of the best digital print possible.


Renz AP360 Punch Wiro

Pre-collated and trimmed pages for multiple jobs can be loaded into our Renz AP360 at once. The die (a template that shows us where holes need to be made) is adjusted to the correct size and then pages are fed through to be punched.


Renz ABL 500 Wiro Binder

Our Renz Wiro binder keeps our factory efficient and our printing process smooth. Our operators need only place the collated pages on the machine and it will automatically thread wire through the punched holes!


In Conclusion

Wire bound books are the perfect choice if you’re looking for complete flexibility and durability. Ideal for a range of projects and situations, wire bound books offer a full 360-degree rotation with lay flat qualities that are suitable for all kinds of marketing campaigns as well as everyday use cases.


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