Growing with instantprint: Duncan

Growing with instantprint: Duncan

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04 Jan 2019


As the UK’s fastest growing online printer, we pride ourselves on our ability to dedicate our time to developing both our production facility and our colleagues so that we can keep flourishing as a business. That way, we can keep working towards our goal of helping small businesses thrive with print that shows just how amazing they are

An important part of the customer’s experience is our Customer Service team, who are dedicated to providing top-quality, friendly advice so you can get exactly what you want and deserve from print. In celebration of our colleague’s growth, we went behind the scenes to find out more about their instantprint journeys. We spoke to our Customer Service Manager, Duncan, to discover what fantastic opportunities he’s had for self-development whilst working here.


1.    What does your current role consist of and what aspect of this do you enjoy the most?

My role involves overseeing all aspects of the Customer Service team, including email, telephone and live chat, working with the team leaders and also supporting them in managing their teams. I look out for opportunities for how we can improve our offering to customers and make sure we’re giving the best support possible. 


2.    When did you first starting working at instantprint?

I started working here on 12th August 2013, nearly six years ago now!


3.    What’s the biggest change you’ve seen during your time here?

I’d say the sheer growth of the company. There were approximately 50 employees when I started and we’re now over 300. That and also the way the company accommodated that growth with new machines and investing in the latest technology – it’s been a huge change, but it’s been fantastic.


4.    What standout training opportunities have you had whilst working here?

I’d say the big investment made in all managers and team leaders within the business in general. All leaders have had external training, including sending senior managers to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Personal development is a really big part of working at instantprint.


5.    What’s made you stay at instantprint?

I’ve stayed because I’ve loved growing with the company. I feel that, as the company’s grown, I’ve grown with it, both from a knowledge point of view and in terms of personal development. A huge part of why I’ve stayed also has to be the people who work here. There really isn’t anyone I wouldn’t be happy to go for a beer with!


6.    How do you see your role flourishing in the future?

One of the recent changes within the Customer Service team is the introduction of smaller teams and team leaders. Managing team leaders has been a new challenge for me and one I’m really enjoying. I can’t wait to see how my role progresses in the future.


7.    What’s your best memory of working at instantprint?

About 4 years ago, we were really short on the phones one afternoon. Without being asked, the 2 founders of the company jumped on the phones to answer customer queries and did a pretty decent job! Adam and James are always willing to jump in and offer support to different departments if needed.


8.    What challenges have you faced in your role and how did you overcome them?

I’d say the biggest challenge has been growing the team at the same rate of the business. There have been occasions when the company’s grown faster than expected and we’ve been caught out and therefore we’ve had to recruit pretty sharpish. We’ve learned from these experiences and now we’re a lot better and predicting when we’ll need to recruit to keep up with the rate at which the business is growing.


9.    How do you feel you’ve grown during your time working at instantprint?

I’ve never been keen on speaking in front of groups of people, but through managing a great team and working with great managers, I feel I’ve become better at this. Also, my people management skills have definitely grown, I’d say. Over the years, I’ve learnt how to manage people, how they need to be managed individually. There certainly isn’t a ‘one rule fits all’ way of managing.


10.    What advice would you give to someone just starting out in customer service?

It’s so important to work hard and take all the advice you’ve given on board. Remember: your colleagues have all been in the same boat as you and all remember what it’s like to be the new guy. That and never be scared to ask for help. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as assuming you know more than you know and getting in to bad habits. 


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