Event Planning Print Checklist

Event Planning Print Checklist

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11 Dec 2019

What makes a successful event planner? Nailing the essentials is definitely a great place to start! To help you plan your next big bash, we’ve gathered this checklist of event planning print essentials so your party will be the talk of the town. 




One of the first print materials you’ll need to request attendance to social events are your invitations. You’ll have to get these printed long before the actual day of the event to send out to guests letting them know what day to mark in their calendar. 

Whether you send flat invites or folded cards, there are certain details you should include to let guests know what to expect, such as:

  • The venue
  • The date & time
  • The occasion you’re celebrating
  • How to RSVP

church event invitation with an orange sky and clouds



How you write your invites will depend on the event you’re planning – it is a formal dinner or wedding? A networking event? An awards ceremony? Match the tone of your voice to the tone of your event to hint at how formal or informal the proceedings will be on the day.




Sometimes you can’t fit it all on an invite. If you have extra information, include a postcard in the envelope with the invitations! Great for directions, itineraries, RSVPs and other additional snippets of vital info, postcards are one of our favourites (but often forgotten) event planning print tools. As well as inferring that your event is the destination of choice, they also offer a fun way to catch guests off guard and make a memorable impression.

hand drawn wedding postcard design with a French theme

(Lucy Says I Do)




So you’ve decided on the perfect meal for your event – now all you need is the right menu to show it off! For a set course, flat menus are the best way to go. Just list the different courses that will be served. If you’re giving your guests a choice, a folded or even booklet style menu might be better as there will be more room to show the different options they can pick from.

For cocktail lists, skinny menus and table talkers are our top picks – and require minimum effort! Just leave them out on the bar for guests to peruse at their leisure.

wedding table talker menu in black and white

(Lava Stationery)


pink 18th birthday party roller banner on a grey background

Roller Banners

Your guests’ first impression of your event wouldn’t be complete without a welcome roller banner. Easy to transport and assemble, roller banners are one of the easiest ways to incorporate a fitting introduction into your event. 

garden party roller banner advertising an outdoor event

(ejhyun, Flickr)

One way of using roller banners at your event is to place them outside the main entrance to your venue to give direction to guests and reassure them that they’re in the right place. By making your event easy to find, you’re reducing any anxiety guests could be feeling and helping them relax and enjoy the occasion.

Have somewhere for a PVC Banner? You can achieve the above with a more permanent fixture. This will eliminate any health and safety issues on a windy day too. 

sparkly gold save the date sticker



Personalising your envelopes with custom stickers adds the perfect finishing touch. From adding the couple’s initials to wedding invites to including a business logo for corporate events, it helps make the finished invite look more professional and shows care and thought towards your guests.


custom wedding envelope stickers with a black and white flower illustration



These small circle stickers, like the one pictured above, are a great size for standard envelopes, and save having to lick them all! 


blue and silver merry Christmas gift tags

Swing Tags


Although traditionally used for attaching to presents as labels, swing tags are actually pretty versatile. You can use them as table place names, or on jars or bags of treats as wedding favours, or even to brand up a napkin ring. Print a message or design, or leave them blank to handwrite them for a personal touch.


drink me keep sakes for a wedding printed on pink swing tags

(Hearth and Heritage)

This example uses stickers and a little tag – two of your print checklist essentials in one!


wedding sign design with white lilies on an easel



Is any event really complete without any kind of signage? Whether it’s on the wall, propped up in an easel or being used as a selfie prop (check out the awesome foam selfie board below!), signage is an integral part of your event. 


foam sign photo frame cut out for a jungle themed baby shower


Use it to decorate your space, or direct and welcome guests. We particularly love our customer @erithdesigns’ foam board that’s been cut into a personalised selfie frame!


Now you’ve got a winning print checklist, all that’s left to do is what you do best – plan your big event! If you still need help deciding on the best products to suit your event, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help! Or, check out our full range of indoor event print here.


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