Employee Spotlight: Joe

Employee Spotlight: Joe

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18 Nov 2021

Our people are the (not-so) secret to our successes and we pride ourselves on offering award-winning service to our clients. As part of that service, we have a team dedicated to checking in on customers to make sure their orders arrive in perfect condition - and whether there's anything else we can help with. In this spotlight, we speak to our WebChat and Outbound Team Leader, Joe, to discover his favourite projects and what he gets up to in his spare time.


1. How long have you worked at instantprint and how has your role progressed/what have you learnt?

I have worked at instantprint for just over 7 months. I started on the Client Services team where my role varied from dealing with any print questions and queries, replying and sending emails and all in all delivering a world class service to all clients no matter how big or small the enquiry/purchase. 

I then progressed onto the Outbound team where my role changed into calling all new clients after their first order to thank the client for their custom and ensure that the first order was up to our usual high standard. 

Now, after 7 months, I am now the WebChat Team Leader as well as the Outbound Team Leader. I have learnt that no two days are the same and the job is very rewarding. Helping clients with print orders and queries gives me and the team great satisfaction!


2. What does your average day look like?

My average day is always very busy, from organising the team and constant training and coaching to ensure we are always delivering the best possible service each and every day, whether this is on Web Chat or any call/email with our clients!


3. How does your role fit into the customer’s journey?

My role is vital to ensuring we have a fully staffed team available on the WebChat team and ensuring there is always someone active on the Chat Team to help and support any customers with any query they may have before/after making a purchase for our Print!


4. What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

I have always felt proud to work for instantprint from the first day I walked in. Everyone works immensely well in a team and the support given by everyone across the company is something we can all be proud of – the positive and fun environment we all work in makes me really proud to tell people where I work!

5. Tell us your favourite memory of working at instantprint!

My favourite memory of working at instantprint would be the annual sports day event where I took part in several events. This was great team bonding and to top it off, I was part of the winning team for Tug Of War!

6. What’s your favourite print product and why?

My favourite print product is the roller banners. The print quality always looks great on this product and they’re a great method for advertising and marketing for any business or event. Whether it’s an in-store sale or big business expo, they really put a message out there that cannot be missed!


7.    What’s your favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

My favourite project I have worked on so far would be being part of the brand-new Outbound team calling all new clients who had placed their first order and checking in to ensure the order was up to our usual world-class print standard!


8.    Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

My main hobby is watching football. I currently have a season ticket for Sheffield Wednesday and love attending as many games as possible!


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Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m instantprint’s Content Executive. I enjoy writing content to help small businesses succeed and inspire them to get creative with their print marketing.