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Direct Mail Etiquette: How To Boost Loyalty Without Annoying Customers

Direct Mail Etiquette: How To Boost Loyalty Without Annoying Customers

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03 Apr 2018

No matter how tempting it may be to send tons of direct mail out when you realise that it is still one of the most successful marketing strategies around, hold up! You need to make sure you’re targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right information. Otherwise you’ll risk turning raving fans into ranting grumps.

Let’s take a look at how to make the most of direct mail campaigns by implementing some basic etiquette rules…


1. Use Your Customer’s Name

People are far more likely to open mail that’s directly addressed to them. While personalised direct mail fulfilment can cost more, the returns are much greater. This is because most letters that do not have a person’s name on them will end up in the bin before they’re even opened!

Your customer’s name isn’t the only way to personalise your direct mail to boost loyalty. You could send a specific campaign out to people who have previously bought a certain product, for example, to promote a new deal or related item.

Doing this will make your customer feel like you have paid more attention to their buying activity than if they were to receive a blanket-send-to-all mail campaign. It will help to build a positive relationship of trust, so it’s always worth finding out how you can personalise your direct mail for better results.


2. Target To Small Niche Audiences Every Time

In addition to personalisation, try to target specific audiences with your direct mail campaign. For example, you may want to promote a special promotion relevant to one geographic area. Or you may want to target customers in a certain age bracket for a new service you’re offering.

Targeting your direct mail by analysing and segmenting your customer data will save you money. It may take a bit of effort in the first instance to segment your data, but it’s worth it!

Instead of spending a lot on large direct mail campaigns, you can spend less on several focussed campaigns. This way, you’ll reach more interested people with each mail campaign which’ll increase your ROI for each mailing you do.


3. Tie In With Your Online Channels To Give People Choice

People might prefer to engage with your brand online instead off through letters. However, a direct mail campaign is still worthwhile!

Include your online information such as your website details and email address that customers can use to find out more. It’s even better if you include an incentive to drive traffic online, such as sending a postcard to let your customers know about an exclusive online-only deal.

Doing this will boost your website traffic and help you to capture more customer information. This means more data for analysis, which means more targeted direct mail campaigns, for greater success!


4. Encourage Referrals In Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Word-of-mouth referrals are always number one when it comes to marketing strategies. People trust the word of other people – even complete strangers on the internet! That’s why Amazon review, Trustpilot, and TripAdvisor are so huge. The star ratings and verified reviews allow potential customers to weigh up your brand against your competitors.

A direct mail campaign with a refer-a-friend incentive could be all you need to increase your customer base. It’s easy, too!

For example, send a letter that includes a referral postcard. Your customer fills out their details and passes to their friend, who fills out their details. When you receive it back, both of them get a discount off of their next purchase!


5. Include Something Unusual In Your Direct Mail Letter

If it feels like a normal letter or looks like a standard flyer, it could sit in the junk pile for a long time.

However, if your direct mail campaign includes something that feels a bit different, you increase the likelihood of it being opened. Something as simple as a branded pen is all it takes!

People love getting something for free. Even if it’s just a bunch of fun stickers, your brand awareness will be boosted and your customers will remember you. It’s a great way to help customers feel like they’re getting something back for being in partnership with your brand, which will significantly increase buyer loyalty.

There you have it: simple ways to approach direct mail campaigns without annoying your customers! For more tips and tricks about marketing offline with print, take a look around the rest of the blog.

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