Customer Spotlight: Olivia Bowenworks

Customer Spotlight: Olivia Bowenworks

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11 Jun 2019

Here at instantprint, we love what we do. But the best bit of our jobs has to be hearing about how our customers use their print to make them look amazing. 

This week, we shone the spotlight on Olivia Silva, Founder of Olivia Bowenworks. Olivia is a qualified Bowen Therapist who uses print to inform customers of what kind of bodywork therapies she offers, and network with other professionals in this lucrative industry. Here’s what she has to say about instantprint…

1.    Tell us a little about Olivia Bowenworks – what makes it unique?

Bowenwork is a gentle, soft tissue bodywork technique that releases all kinds of pains, stress, anxiety and depression by activating the body’s ‘inner doctor’. This means that when you get a Bowen session your body starts a process of balancing itself out. I have seen again and again that this has great and lasting effects on many levels – physical, emotional, mental – and this is then reflected in a better quality of life and wellbeing.

olivia bowenworks instantprint customer showcase

2.    What inspired you to start-up?

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to help others and after learning a range of different therapy techniques including reiki, reflexology, Chinese medicine and yoga, I found that Bowen is my true passion. I have been in love with it ever since I discovered it in 2014.


What inspired me to go full time with my passion was to see daily how this technique helps people in a lasting way and also to know that there are not many Bowen practitioners in Leeds. Because of this, I feel that it's also my mission to spread the word about it and make sure it reaches the people that need it.

3.    What print product do you use and how much do you use them?

I use tri fold leaflets and business cards the most – as part of the daily running of my business and especially at events. I don't think I could run my business without these because they’re one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of reaching new customers and I need them also for connecting with people at my networking groups.

4.    How do you make your customers feel special?

I feel that there's a big lack of touch and closeness in society these days, especially with new technology developments and even in many techniques you are not allowed to touch your client. 

One of the things I always love to do at the beginning and end of my sessions is to give my clients a hug (if they are open to receive it) and this makes them feel loved, respected, accepted and cared for. 

olivia bowenworks treatment

My knowledge, continuous professional development, empathy and full presence helps me to tailor the session to each client’s individual needs. Because of that I may need to refer them to other technique or practitioner, and this helps my clients to trust me and my intentions.

5.    If you could give any business starting out a top tip what would it be?

I would thoroughly recommend to join or visit as many networking groups in your area as possible and to make sure you have a strong online presence. These days if you are not online as a business, you don't exist. 

And the networking helps develop great connections and direct contacts and this in turn will open many doors, sometimes unexpected.

6.    What made you choose these print products? And what results have you seen?

Because the Bowen Technique is not yet widely known I need more space for text and the A4 tri fold is perfect for that. 
I have seen that people really appreciate having a small piece of marketing literature to read and to keep their notes and appointments, as well as my contact details and location.

7.    How did you find the instantprint experience?

I worked with other printing companies while I was in Portugal but instantprint is my favourite.

I love the very affordable prices, frequent promotions, fast delivery, that they fold the leaflets for you, plus they have a great customer support and team. If there’s something preventing your print from being absolutely perfect, their in-house team will adjust this for you. And that's great! 

olivia bowenworks leaflet and print from instantprint

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