Customer Showcase: Lucidica

Customer Showcase: Lucidica

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30 Aug 2019

There’s nothing we love more than getting to know our small business customers. There’s no better feeing than getting to see all the creative ways they use print to help their business thrive. This week, we spoke to Lucidica, an IT Support company based in Shoreditch. We asked all about how print has helped this one-man band of a business to grow into an ever-growing SME that prides itself on its relationships with its customers.


1.    Tell us a little about Lucidica – what makes it unique?

Lucidica are an IT support company in Shoreditch. However, we are unique in the fact we scrap all IT stereotypes. Our engineers are knowledgeable but also build relationships with our clients and explain and advise on any technical issues. We don’t just support our clients; we build partnerships with them and proactively work with them to keep their technology up to date, not just fix it when it breaks. 


2.    What inspired you to start up?

We started small ourselves – as a one-man band when founder Thomas Jeffs began helping businesses in London with computer support. Thomas discovered he loved empowering businesses through technology and turned his passion into a business.

Since then, we've built on Thomas's philosophy of fun, friendly and reliable IT support in London to help over 500 businesses to get the most out of their technology. We are growing and constantly expanding to different areas and services.


3.    What print product do you use and how much do you use them?

We usually use leaflets and flyers for our quarterly marketing campaigns. We think, when done correctly, printing material can be very appealing and contain useful information about the business and the product that helps you to communicate with your audiences. 


4.    How do you make your customers feel special?

Lucidica is an SME that focuses on other SMEs. Whether it’s new hardware, software or perhaps a specialised service, we’re committed to finding what works best for our clients and supporting their growth and development alongside ours.

In addition to this, Lucidica prides itself on its great relationships with its clients. We host regular client events (our Christmas parties are pretty legendary), lunches and even the occasional tipple.

Yearly hampers and the occasional edible treat don’t go amiss either!



5.    If you could give any business starting out a top tip what would it be?

You cannot deny the fact that almost everything is getting digitized nowadays. In such a situation, it is extremely important that a startup is visible to potential customers in a correct manner. The best platform for promoting your business is through search engine optimisation and making sure your website is visible for the correct search terms. Investing and working on SEO can feel like a bit of a minefield but with the correct advice, support and time your customers will be able to find you, not the other way around. 


6.    What made you choose these print products? And what results have you seen?

We choose our print products depending on the demographics that we wish to engage with and what sort of results we wish to achieve. One example of this is the short and snappy media that is required for commuters. 

Commuters who are heading either home from the station, or are on the way to work, don't have the time to read lengthy and text-heavy content. For that demographic, a nice one-pager, with bright colours, big fonts and copy that has a straight to the point approach is best. All with the goal of allowing someone to be drawn in and to understand the purpose of the leaflet in less than 4-5 seconds. So, once we have decided what we are looking at getting out of the campaign, or any form of printed media, it’s simpler to choose the size, shape and even the type of paper.


7.    How did you find the instantprint experience?

instantprint have provided us awesome service and we’ve been using them for over a year now. Whenever we needed support for our artwork, design or anything else, they helped us and solved our problem promptly. 

Another reason we love to use instantprint’s services is the value for our money. After we had couple of bad experiences with other print companies, that meant we not only wasted our time but also received poor quality service, they proved that their understanding of customer service is excellent. We would definitely recommend them to any business owner!  


Thank you Lucidica for all the fantastic print ideas! If you’re ready to start printing, you’ll find everything you need for your business here. Fancy being featured on our blog? Simple send an email in to to be in with a chance.


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