Customer Showcase: Fitness Industry Edition

Customer Showcase: Fitness Industry Edition

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03 May 2019

Here at instantprint, we cater to tons of different industries, from pet parlours and hairdressers to penguin-themed gift companies. We love the diversity that flows through our factory thanks to the many unique businesses we cater to. We’re also very lucky to be able to learn about all the unique ways our customers’ companies came to be, their growth journey and some useful tips to help other businesses flourish too!  

As part of our industry story series, we caught up with Sabrine, Tom and Emma who work within the Sports & Social Clubs industry. Here are their stories…

The Fitness Experts

the fitness experts instantprint showcase

Tom launched The Fitness Experts with his mind set on levelling up the bland, commonplace gym experience to make gym-goers workouts more effective whilst being enjoyable – what a winning combo! From gym posters to printed training programmes, The Fitness Expert leverages the affordability and flexibility of print to offer visual information for their members.


  1. Tell us a little about The Fitness Expert – what makes it unique?

    The Fitness Experts is a fun, fresh alternative to traditional gyms. As opposed to rows of boring treadmills and uninspiring machines, we instead use a variety of functional training equipment, all within a class environment taken by a personal trainer to ensure you have an amazing workout and get fantastic results! 
  2. What inspired you to start up?

    As a personal trainer myself, I found it pretty disheartening that unless a member of a gym had guidance, support and motivation from a personal trainer, they always seemed to fail. We want to deliver a personal training experience to all of our members (without the hefty price!).

  3. What print marketing products do you use and how do you use them?

    We use a whole host of products!

    We have a variety of printed posters throughout the studio, From A0 - A4 in size as well as a number of banners. These enable us to promote our class timetable for instance and other key fitness instructions.

    We also offer a number of handouts and use both A5 leaflets and A5 folded flyers to promote our studio and highlight how we work. 

    We also give our members various A5 handouts to record workouts and scores within certain sessions so that they can track their progress.
  4. What made you choose these print products?

    We found that the posters helped us promote useful information and offer a cheap way to decorate our fitness studio at a professional level. Overall, our print marketing allows us to engage with our members through visual materials that they can interact with and use within their training sessions. 

  5. How do you make your members feel special?

    For us, it’s all about the 1-2-1 attention. We know all our members’ names, we know their goals and we want to ensure that they are entirely satisfied with us as a fitness studio, and achieving incredible fitness results.
  6. If you could give any business starting out a top tip what would it be?

    Trust in yourself! 
  7. What drew you into ordering print for The Fitness Expert?

    We had used a number of offline print companies but found that the costs were prohibitive and that their range of products was too narrow for our needs. A quick google search brought us to instantprint and we’ve been using them for years. 
  8. How did you find the whole instantprint experience?

    Simple and effective – we’ve never had an issue!



Next up, we meet Sabrine from Danceworks. Established in 1982, this leading London-based dance and fitness studio brings an incredible wealth of variety to its customer base. Danceworks uses print marketing to build awareness and excitement of seasonal performances and classes.

  1. Tell us a little about Danceworks – what makes it unique?

    Danceworks has been providing drop-in classes in all styles of dance and fitness at its highest quality since 1982. These take place in our seven professional studios in our beautiful building in the heart of London’s West End. As one of the world’s leading studios, we offer an incredible variety of accessible dance, fitness, Pilates, martial arts and singing classes as well as workshops and masterclasses taught by renowned dance companies and artists.
    danceworks instantprint showcase

  2. What print product do you use and how do you use them?

    Printed material is an important marketing tool for Danceworks to communicate the great offerings the business provides. Posters and flyers enhance Danceworks branding within our studios building and with businesses that we have partnerships with.
  3. What made you choose these print products?

    As an arts business, we need strong visual content and mixed scaled prints that will stand out to our consumers and increase sales. Therefore, we choose to print various formats of artwork such as A1/A0 posters and flyers as we believe the printing, colour and paper quality are powerful tools for delivering our brand messaging.
  4. What results have you seen from your print? Have there been any benefits your business had as a direct result?

    Alongside electronic marketing, we believe print communication enhances our visibility and therefore sales.

  5. How do you make your customers feel special?

    Everyone is welcomed at Danceworks regardless of age or level of skill. We believe we can help our customers grow to become successful in their dance/fitness passions with our range of renowned classes, teachers and members of staff. Every customer has a flexible membership at Danceworks which gives them the freedom to attend whenever they want, try new classes and create new experiences. 

  6. If you could give any business starting out a top tip what would it be?

    Know your market and the competition and be strategic in your marketing.
  7. What drew you into ordering print for Danceworks?

    As a business, it is important for us to express who we are as a brand through various visual formats, print being an important element.
  8. How did you find the whole instantprint experience?

    We have been a customer of instantprint for 2 years now and have never had a bad experience. They are very professional and provide a helpful and thorough service. The turnaround for receiving artwork is quick and efficient which is very important for a business like ours.


Didi Rugby

And finally, Meet Emma founder of Didi Rugby – a skills-based activity class for young children that centres on building active, healthy lifestyles.

  1. Tell us a little about Didi Rugby – what makes it unique?

    We use the skills, tool and values of rugby to help our members build confidence, develop good coordination and balance and – overall – have fun! We use the Early Years Foundation Framework children use in the nursery and school environment to support their learning; it's not just about the rugby ball, we use lots of colours and counting too! 
    didi rugby instantprint showcase

  2. What inspired you to start up?

    As a parent myself, I wanted to encourage my children to be active and healthy whilst having fun and building confidence. It's very important for all children to learn teamwork, respect, discipline and sportsmanship whilst enjoying whatever activity they are part of and as these are the values of rugby. It just made sense for me to get involved. 

    I am passionate about ensuring everyone can get involved no matter their ability. With the close support of parents, we love seeing our members grow and develop throughout our sessions.
  3. What print product do you use and how do you use them?

    We use flyers, posters and banners as well as cards, stickers and even certificates! I'll be or-dering my next batch of business cards from here too!

  4. What made you choose these print products? 

    Obviously, some of these are core products for our business to get our name and company out into the public eye, however we also chose products such as stickers, birthday cards and certificates to put smiles on the faces of our members every session!!
  5. What results have you seen from your print? Have there been any benefits your business had as a direct result? 

    The products are very good quality, available quickly and help us to spread the word about our business much quicker than we could otherwise have managed.

  6. How do you make your customers feel special?

     Every session, our members receive a sticker. New members and those achieving great things receive a certificate and medal, and if it's their birthday they get a card too!
  7. If you could give any business starting out a top tip what would it be? 

    Be patient; it doesn’t happen overnight. Plan very clearly and carefully and spend wisely. Ultimately, have fun and enjoy yourself, if you do this then people will see that and want to be part of what you do!

  8. What drew you into ordering print for Didi Rugby? 

    If someone has something to touch, feel, hold they find it harder to forget about it; having a printed document to give someone instantly puts you into their mind and then they will re-member you next time they need your service or want to recommend it.

We never cease to be amazed by all the creative and wonderful ways that our customers use print to help them market themselves and grow every day. Do you want to share your story? Let’s talk! Email us at 



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