Client Spotlight: Boss Girls

Client Spotlight: Boss Girls

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06 Mar 2023

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d take some time to get to know our clients who are championing women in business.

We had the pleasure of learning more about Boss Girls, a community marketplace and members group that aims to empower and enable women to support each other in business and life! Here, we got to find out more about how they utilise print to promote their values and services.


Tell us about your business!

Boss Girls is an online community that champions women in business. By becoming a member of Boss Girls through our Business Membership, our clients get access to a range of services and tools including one-on-one coaching, podcasts and events!

At Boss Girls, we work with women who run independent businesses and have busy lifestyles. Our aim is the support these businesses to work smarter, not harder by coaching them using our Boss Girls Blueprint. I designed the Blueprint when I first started building Boss Girls back in 2019. It shows how I got started with a £0 budget of my own as well as very little time and knowledge on my side. Now, I have grown my community to almost 50k and kick-started our Business Academy so I can help other women in business.


Which print products have you found the most success with?

The product I would say that I’ve had the most success with is postcards. I get these printed with a QR code so that when I hand them out, people get instant access to our digital platforms. I tend to opt for a thicker stock when printing my postcards so that the people who receive them truly get a feel for the quality of our brand. Combining this with our branding through colours and text, they get an instant feeling of our brand’s personality.

I’ve found that handing out physical print is more effective in delivering our brand and message than simply opting for digital marketing on its own.


How do you make your customers feel special?

I make our customers feel special by ensuring they have a 5-star experience whenever they work with us. Creating a space where women feel comfortable being their authentic selves is a huge part of making sure our customers feel relaxed yet confident.


What are your top print tips for other businesses in your industry?

Number one would be to utilise print but make sure that you use print that is of good quality, remember, first impressions count. Secondly, make sure that your chosen design is something that is eye-catching yet personal. Never underestimate the power that one leaflet or card can have on your audience!


Why do you choose to print with instantprint?

Initially, I was drawn to instantprint’s branding. That and the simplicity of the website, it was super easy to use and the customer service was excellent too! I would recommend instantprint’s products and services to all of my clients after the great customer experience I had.

Networking is essential when growing your business, but time can be tight! So what better way than to network from the comfort of your own home…


Boss Girls are hosting an online Speed Networking event on the 14th March! So, if you’re ready to make new connections, spread the word about your business and collaborated with like-minded women, you can get your tickets online here.


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