Brain Training Quiz Answers

Brain Training Quiz Answers

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15 May 2019

We recently sent out an activity book designed to help train your brain and help you shut off from work. The idea behind this was to give you a break so that you could use your time more productively. Did you receive our free brain training booklet in the post? Here are the answers to the puzzles!


Puzzle 1 - Sudoku


instantprint brain training sudoku puzzle answers


Puzzle 3 - Crossword


instantprint brain training activity crossword answers


Puzzle 4 - Word Search


brain training answers instantprint word search



Puzzle 6


I go to the shop with £20.00. I buy two pears for 35p each and a pack of strawberries for £1.50. How much change do I have?


Answer: £17.80


I then decide to buy two tins of beans for a total of £4.50. Do I have enough change to buy my shampoo that costs £8?


Answer: Yes, you’ll have £13.30 left 


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