Three Things You Should Do Before Ordering Flyers

Three Things You Should Do Before Ordering Flyers

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23 Oct 2015

Flyers can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool so it is important you get them right. To help with this we have put together our top three things to do before ordering your flyers.

1. Set up Your Artwork in the Correct Format for the Best Result

I know it sounds simple but having your artwork set up at the correct size with bleed is the first thing you should consider. Ensure the colours are in CMYK format for the best possible results. You do not want your brand colours coming out a lot differently than you expected.

2. Select Which Paper Stock and Finish You Would Like

Depending on the purpose of your item you will need to select which stock you would like. If you want an affordable flyer to hand out to the masses then a 150gsm stock will be very suitable. If you want something to last a little longer such as a gift voucher or post card then a heavier stock such as a 350gsm would be most appropriate.

If it’s durability you need then you may want to opt for a lamination. This not only increases the longevity of your flyers but will also give them a premium finish. Choose a high shine Gloss lamination, a subtle no-shine Matt lamination or a soft touch Velvet lamination for an extra luxurious feel.

3. Check, Double Check Then Check Again

We constantly bang on about proofing all the time but it breaks our heart to see thousands of flyers printed with your hard earned money only to have a vital typo in your email address. Check it yourself and get a fresh pair of eyes to have a gander too, the more the merrier!

Remember, if you are not sure what to order or what paper finish is right for you then just order one of our free sample packs and feel the difference for yourself.

Jon Smith

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