Customer Focus: Michael

30/09/2015 15:58:56

Customer Focus: Michael

We love to see lots of creative work come through our website, the variety of print we get is really interesting. One set of artwork we found intriguing was a set of posters ordered by our customer Michael. Michael works for a multinational company as a Digital Marketing Manager but is a freelance Graphic and Web designer in his spare time. When asked about his background he said;

“I first got into graphic design through my hatred of comic sans back in the early years of primary school. This led me to take a keen in interest in typography and picked up as many books and posters as I could which I thought were brilliant examples. From there I started working as a marketing assistant alongside 3 designers when I was 17 and was introduced to photoshop and indesign and it just went from there. 10 years later I now do design work from local photographers to international sports companies.”

We were drawn to Michael’s posters due to their simplicity and interesting mix of typography, the famous quotes are great too.

“Those quotes in particular where chosen as they are some of my favourite quotes by favourite designers, not necessarily graphic designers (Steve Jobs for example) but as a person who understood the importance of design in his work.”

We wanted to find out where the posters were going to be used, Michael said, “I’m in the process of setting up my studio in my spare room and I wanted to add some colour and use some inspirational quotes from some of my favourite designers”

So why did Michael choose instantprint? “The prices were very competitive and judging by the twitter feed I saw some very positive reviews.”

Have some alternative artwork or fabulous designs you have had printed through us? Why not share them with us and you could be featured on our site! Email the team at or send us a tweet with the hashtag #enjoytheprint along with your photo!