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Our New Order Splitting,
Multi-Address Delivery Service!

Do you need to split your order across multiple delivery addresses? With 'split it', our bespoke order splitting service, it has never been easier to distribute your print wherever you like!

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What is Instantprint's 'Split It' Delivery Service?

"Split it" is our brand new delivery service that lets you split your print order up into quantities you define, to as many addresses as your business needs, no matter what products make up your order! What gets delivered and to where is now in your control.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What Does an Example Split it Order Look Like?

Your order will be totally unique to your specific requirements. To help you understand what a split it order looks like please see the below example:

Split it example order

How fast is the Split it Service?

Our expert team is fully committed to getting your order with you as soon as they can. The time this will take, however, depends on your order requirements. This can take from a minimum of 2 days up to over 5 days for us to fulfil. Upon receiving your quote request, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm a delivery date for your print orders.

Why should I choose a split it delivery option?

Customers with multiple sites or branches will benefit from this delivery service. Many of our customers have previously had to deliver print to a singular address and then have them separated and distributed. A split it order also reduces the amount of contact by eliminating the need for a 3rd party distribution service. By using split it, you will significantly reduce unnecessary human contact levels with your print products before they end up where they need to be.

Can I send varying numbers of print items to different delivery addresses?

Yes, our split it service isn’t limited by even numbers and is totally customisable to your delivery needs. For example, if you order 10 roller banners, have 4 delivery addresses, and want to send 4 to your first delivery address and then 2 roller banners to your second, third and fourth delivery addresses, this is absolutely fine too! Upon accepting a quote, you will be asked to complete a form stating exactly how you would like your order to be split and delivered.

When do I supply delivery addresses?

Once you have accepted your quote and submitted your artwork, you products will be sent to print. As this happens your print is assigned a unique “print job ID”. Once a print job ID is generated, you will then be asked to complete a spreadsheet that details the order quantity and delivery address against each of your print jobs in your order. If you get stuck with this, a member of our team will be on hand to support you with completing this.

How will my delivery date be determined?

Upon receiving your quote request, we will calculate a delivery date based on the information you provide such as the size of your order and the amount of addresses you need your print distributing to. We will also factor in how busy our dedicated split it team are to ensure the delivery date provided is as realistic as possible.

How much does the split it delivery service cost?

We know when it comes to running a print campaign that any cost savings are always desirable. That’s why our quotes are calculated based on your unique requirements such as the amount of delivery addresses you have and the total print order quantity. As always, we endeavour to keep our prices competitive.

Can I track my split it deliveries?

The quote that is generated for you will detail the courier’s information. If your order is going to be delivered with DPD, you will be assigned a parcel number as your order leaves our factory. All DPD orders are tracked as standard and you can track your packages via the DPD website. This will enable you to locate all the parcels being delivered to each address.

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