Inspirational Business Awards Finalists: Lindsay Lowcock

Inspirational Business Awards Finalists: Lindsay Lowcock

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25 Nov 2015

Lindsay Lowcock is one of the ten finalists in the instantprint Inspirational Business Awards, read more about her story and her business, Dysfunction Gallery in this interview.

1.) What has been the toughest part of setting up your business and getting to where you are now?

Overcoming severe illness while renovating a Georgian property on an extremely tight budget has been the hardest thing by far, however just the fact that I could do that was a pleasure. 

2.) Why did you enter the inspirational business awards?

I received the instantprint e-mail and just thought, why not? I think I have a story to tell. The money would also benefit our business so much and help many people. 

3.) What do you think makes your story so inspirational to other small business start-ups? And why do you think you deserve to win?

A triumph over advisory, dealing with such tragic events and coming through the other side has made me want to help other people to get out of that bad place.

4.) If you could give one piece of advice to small business start-ups, what would it be?

Just go for it!

5.) If you win, what do you plan to do with the prize money and promotional products?

We are going to have an exhibition for the awareness of unseen illnesses, both mental and physical with artists participating who suffer with illnesses of this sort. The promotional products we will use to promote this event and future events like it. 

You have until Sunday 6th December to vote for Lindsay & Dysfunction Gallery as Britain's Most Inspirational Business.


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