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How to Create a Print Promotion Kit

How to Create a Print Promotion Kit

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13 Apr 2016

When you want to up your offline marketing game to the best it can be, then you might want to build your very own print kit. Creating the perfect promotional package doesn’t have to be a slog; with a few key items and a good idea of what you want to say and who you want to target, you can whip together everything you need in no time.

Imagine the scenario: you’ve decided to launch a mini campaign to promote a new product that’s the bee’s knees. You want to get the word out there and spread the message to the masses, but where should you begin?


Flyers are a great starting point because they can form the basis of your whole kit. Stick to one key message that fits concisely on a leaflet and include a call-to-action such as an email or web address so the customer can find out more details if they wish. Remember, all you need to do is drum up enough intrigue for the customer take the next step. You’ll want a striking header, some short secondary copy and some high quality imagery or photographs of your products. You might want to have a few standard flyer templates ready and waiting to go. That way, you can just pop in the content and images into a standard layout and get your design sent to print pronto!

Roller Banners

These handy pop up banners are great to have as a practical statement piece in your kit. Use them to make a huge song and dance of your business or new product and pop them up anywhere and everywhere you can, from trade shows to shop or reception displays. Do your research into what events are available to attend in your industry and go show your stuff! All you need is a headline and brief tag line about your business then you can let the imagery do the talking and draw in the crowd.


If your business calls for a portfolio or product catalogue, a sturdy booklet is a top choice to have in your promotion kit. They enable you to go into much more detail about your business, which is very handy if you have plenty to say. Make sure all of the content is laid out clearly so that the reader isn’t overwhelmed with a tidal wave of information, then you could have yourself a winning marketing tool. Include case studies and testimonials along with a full guide to your products or service to make sure you have every question covered.

Business cards

A business card isn’t just a way to pass on your telephone number or email address (although they’re very handy to have on hand when you’re schmoozing your next client!). It can give that potential customer a sense of who you are and a promising first impression of your business. Have a few to hand at all times to make the most out of every opportunity. You don’t know where the next amazing opportunity will arise!

So there you have it - a print kit to be proud of for the next time you’re running a big campaign or product launch. Have you used print in an innovative or different way? Let us know at and you could be featured on our blog!


Jessica Lindley

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