Steadfast Service

We believe that your first reaction when you receive your print should be wow!

If you ever receive any order that isn't up to scratch please get in touch with us straight away and we will do everything possible to get it resolved quickly and without hassle.

Bespoke Orders

Want something that’s not on the website? Whether that’s larger run lengths or bespoke delivery options get in touch with the instantprint Pro team and we’ll try to fulfil your needs and get a quote across to you pronto!

The Lowdown on VAT

In most cases, our flyers and leaflets will be free from VAT. However, there are a few exceptions (isn’t there always?):

  • VAT is chargeable if your flyer or leaflet is used as a method of admission into an event (‘get in free with this flyer!’ –you know the type).
  • VAT is chargeable if your flyer or leaflet is used to get discount on something (e.g. ‘25% off your first hair-cut with this leaflet’).
  • VAT is chargeable if the flyer or leaflet has an area designed to be written on.

As our flyers are generally zero-rated, we don’t charge for VAT by default. Once we have your artwork, we’ll let you know if VAT is applicable for your order and we’ll contact you for VAT payment shortly after.

For the full details on all things VAT, swing by HMRC’S official line.

Easy Breezy

Ordering amazing print is now easier than ever, with easy-to-use templates, a simple artwork upload process and a free proofing tool that lets you check your proofs before you print. But don’t just take our word for it- give it a go! Super-fast, super easy, that’s how we roll.