5 Things to Avoid When Designing for Print

08/09/2015 11:32:06

5 Things to Avoid When Designing for Print

Designing for print is a little different than designing for the web, so here’s some common mistakes you should avoid when creating your next print items.

1. Don’t design your artwork on a mobile phone or tablet

Many of us have the latest tech at our fingertips but design apps often cannot produce high resolution artwork for print so although your flyers look great on your phone screen, they may appear blurry and often have the app logo in the corner when printed.

2. Don’t use images from social media sites

Photos you upload to social media sites are reduced in quality to improve page load speeds when they are displayed online. Although it may be quicker to save from your social media profile If you want a high quality image use the original file.

3. Don’t use scans or screen-shots of images

They are usually very low resolution and don’t print well. They can also be aligned incorrectly and include unwanted elements such as page edges which we are unable to remove. Ask your designer for the PDF of the artwork or try to recreate it on our design online software.

4. Don’t use spot colours

We are unable to print Spot colours such as Pantones as these colours will be converted to CMYK in our workflow. You should be able to find a corresponding CMYK reference to convert the colour correctly prior to sending to print.

And Finally…

5. Don’t approve anything online if you are not 100% happy with it

All artwork approved online will go straight to print and we cannot change the artwork once it is printing. If you’re not quite sure send the artwork to our help team for a free artwork check.