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Your Definitive Guide to Signage

Your Definitive Guide to Signage

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01 Aug 2018

Indoor or outdoor, lightweight or heavy duty, with all the different materials listed under the Signage umbrella, it can be tricky to figure out what kind of Sign will work best for you. In this ultimate guide to Signage, we’ll explain all the different terminology and show you examples of how the Signs you can buy and design online work in practice. 


Correx Signs 


Material: White corrugated plastic
Thickness: 3mm

These Signs are printed on a white, fluted correx material. They’re lightweight and weatherproof so they’re great for using outside. Correx Signage is generally used on a short-term basis, but they’re really budget-friendly, and when you’re done they’re also recyclable. This temporary Signage is perfect for Estate Agent Signs (‘For Sale’, ‘For Rent’ etc.) or for Signs around building sites. You could also use them at sporting events like marathons as directional Signs.  



Dibond Signs 


Material: Composite Dibond (a polyethylene core, surrounded by aluminium sheet either side)
Thickness: 3mm

Dibond is one of the more expensive Signage options because of what its durable material consists of, but it’s the most cost-effective in the long run. When you print on Dibond, you can expect a long-lasting, vibrant and reliable product! Dibond is corrosion resistant, meaning that it’s perfect for long-life outdoor advertising or for traffic Signs. You could use Dibond Signage for your shop Sign, outdoor venue Signage, or even an outdoor mounted menu board. 



Foam Signs 


Material: PVC foam sheet
Thickness: 3mm

Custom printed foam signs are ideal for any interior Signage. They’re really easy to install and their vibrant colours mean that they’re great for brightening up any indoor space like a reception room or office. Their vibrancy also means they make great indoor health and safety Signs. Foam Signage is awesome for attracting attendees’ attention at exhibitions and fairs – add them to your display to make sure you stand out in the sea of other businesses. 



Magnetic Signs 


Material: White gloss magnetic vinyl
Thickness: 0.85mm

Magnetic Signs are perfect for advertising on the go! Designed to fit on the side of your car, van or any large metal surface, they’re a cost-effective way of branding your business vehicle. Magnetic Signage works brilliantly if your business involves travelling in your vehicle, for example driving instructors and gardeners, because you’re promoting your services and letting people know what you do wherever you go! It’s vital to include your contact details on your Magnetic Sign so you can really reap the benefits of all that transportable advertising. 



Cardboard Signs

Material: Premium cardboard
Thickness: 2mm (2000mic)

If you’re marketing on a budget, Cardboard Signs are your best option for indoor advertising. Printed on 2000mic stock, Cardboard Signs make a fantastic, more durable alternative to paper Posters. As they’re recyclable, Cardboard Signs also make a great choice if you need to promote a one-time-only sale, an upcoming event or your new product range – and their sturdiness shows customers that you mean business.

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