Employee Spotlight: Jess

Employee Spotlight: Jess

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07 Mar 2019

Have you ever wanted your own PA? Here at instantprint, that’s exactly what you’ve got – a Personal Artworker who’s ready to answer any artwork queries and help make sure your print turns out perfect, every time.

To get a little insight into the people working hard behind the scenes at instantprint (and to help you put a face to a name), we shone the spotlight on Jess, one of our very own Personal Artworkers. Here, she shares her favourite project to date and what she likes the most about helping customers with their print.


  1. When did you start working at instantprint?

    I started working at instantprint in March 2018 after hearing about it from Conor, who works on the Customer Service team. I originally applied to a role in the Customer Service team but my CV was spotted by the Studio manager who thought I’d make a perfect Personal Artworker.
  2. What does your role involve?

    I have three main roles within the Studio team. My first role is as a Personal Artworker (PA) which means I am a first point of contact for customers without an order who need an artwork check. 

    As part of this role, I chat with customers over email, check their artwork for them, and advise on any issues I’m unable to correct and eventually I also help the customer place the order – but my main goal as a PA is to send print-ready artwork back to my customers and help them achieve the perfect prints! A happy customer is a happy Jess! 

    My second role involves manually submitting customer artwork. This is for customers who were unable to submit their artwork via the website – for example, if their file is too large to upload through the website. I also advise them on any issues or queries they may have to ensure the product they receive is going to be something special.

    Lastly, I also help out in the Proofing team. My role here is to help check customer artwork that’s been submitted for print to ensure that we maintain the speedy turnaround time we’re known for.
  3. How does your role fit into the journey of an instantprint customer's print?

    In my role, I’m often the first point of contact for the customer. Whether I’m answering their artwork questions or checking to make sure their design is ready for print, I always treat each job as though the final product was for my own business. We understand that in some cases the print we produce could be a primary source of advertising so it has to be perfect. 
  4. What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

    It’s the people I work with that make me proud to work at instantprint! I work with such a colourful, eclectic group of people; even though we are all so different, we’re such a close team and come together to ensure we uphold the instantprint values. 

    I’m also really proud of how far the Personal Artworker team has come. When I first started to now, the growth of the team has been fantastic to see. I’m excited to see what the future has in store! 
  5. What's your favourite project you've worked on so far?

    My favourite project so far has been creating our Personal Artworker training material. I love writing and being creative, so being able to put together booklets and other material to help train other people on our role was a great creative release for me. 

    This training material is given to new team members to show them best practice. They can keep it with them until they’ve learnt all the PA processes by heart.
  6. Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

    When I’m not at work, I spend a LOT of time with my cocker spaniel, Luna! I love going out on walks and spending quality time with her. 

    I also enjoy painting. I’m from a family of artists, so I suppose I’ve inherited some skills from them when it comes to arts and crafts. I feel like the talents I’ve developed through this hobby help me bring a creative flare to my role at instantprint. It helps me to envisage the final product for the customer and gives me the drive to help customers get their print right and feel proud of what they’ve created.

    A fun fact about me is that, when I was a child, my family kept owls! A lot of them were for rehabilitation but we did have some as pets too. I even took an eagle owl to ‘bring your pet to school’ day!
  7. Tell us about a standard day in the instantprint office for you

    A standard day in the instantprint office usually involves a LOT of tea! 

    No day is the same. As I have multiple roles, I jump around from area to area making sure customers are contacted on time and are happy with their artwork. 

    What makes my role unique is that no other printing company in the UK offers a free artwork check like our unique 10 point one. This often means that customers return to us and I get to know some of them really well, which is great because I then I know exactly how they want their prints to look! This personalised service is what sets us apart.
  8. What do you enjoy most about working at instantprint?

    I really enjoy the customer satisfaction part of working at instantprint. When I hear that a customer has given me a 5 star review or when a customer is really thankful for their artwork, that makes my day – I always remember a lovely customer!

    Our office environment is so relaxed and upbeat and the people who I work with are so supportive, it makes going to work a really enjoyable experience.




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