Whether you need fire exit signs, CCTV notices or any kind of outdoor signage, we’ve got the A2 size Correx sign design templates for your business. Our templates are free to use as they are and to customise to your company’s branding. You can even create your own sign design online! Printed on sturdy Correx sheets, these signs are hardy and long-lasting, making them great value for money.

All images are taken from and conform to the guidance for use found in ‘Safety Signs and Signals: Guidance on Regulations’ from the HSE, this guidance document is based on the information found in BS EN ISO 7010. Their use is permitted through the Open Government Licence. Any use of Safety Signs and Signals should conform to the guidance laid out in this document. Any supplementary sign or text used with a particular safety sign must be chosen to reflect the same safety sign category. See pg 13 of HSE Guidance for more information.