To Coat or Not to Coat? That is the Question.

10/09/2015 15:09:53

To Coat or Not to Coat? That is the Question.

Deciding what business card is right for you can be a little overwhelming, there are so many factors to consider from stock to lamination. What do you want your business card to say about you and your business?Are you classically understated and retro or would you rather be luxurious and bold?

We have been looking a lot into our unlaminated business cards, identifying which designs look great and the benefits of choosing an unlaminated stock.

For a fuss free look, a card without lamination can portray a down to earth image without being substandard. A silk card offers great value and still has a subtle sheen so it’s not completely matt. For a traditional look a cream business card can look special with a handwritten font, perfect for a writer, boutique jeweler or designer.

A white uncoated stock can be written or stamped on which lends itself perfectly to loyalty or appointment cards.


Do you have prefer a coated or an uncoated card? What uses have you found for each?