How to Build Brand Loyalty for Your Company

10/09/2015 14:16:05

How to Build Brand Loyalty for Your Company

Keeping existing customers is just as important as securing new ones so encouraging those all important repeat orders is vital to grow your business.

Gaining loyalty from customers creates not just sales but recommendations to their friends and colleagues too. With so much paid brand advertising around, the most trusted recommendations are the ones from our friends.

So how do you get your customers to keep coming back to you time and time again? One way could be to offer them something for doing so!

Loyalty cards are the ideal mechanism to create brand loyalty (and they are straightforward too). A classic example that we have all seen is the coffee loyalty card, the ‘buy 7 cups and get your 8th cup free’ type of deal. We all love to collect these stamps and a customer is much more likely to return to your café for a cup of coffee over your competition if they feel invested in you and can get that all important stamp.

Not all businesses are suited to this way of rewarding customers. You may sell a product or service that is not required as often as a cup of coffee. Take a hairdressers for example, for an average person it would take a long time to visit a hairdresser 8 times so introducing multiple rewards throughout the visits may work. Perhaps a free blow dry with their second visit, a free hair product with their fourth and a free cut with their 8th visit to claim later could work well.

Get creative, make customers feel valued and they will be more inclined to use you over any competitor!