4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

16/02/2016 13:35:51

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Ever wondered how to promote your business without being ‘too salesy’?  Maybe you’re looking for a way to share valuable content that’s both fun and supportive of your service? If you’re nodding right now, it might be time to get blogging.


If your company doesn’t have a blog, you’re seriously missing out! Not only is blogging a great creative outlet, but it’s a powerful tool from which your business can grow. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top 4 reasons for shaping up your marketing content strategy and blasting into the blogosphere!


  1. It helps to drive traffic to your site.

Isn’t this the definitive goal? Blogs are a powerhouse for fuelling small business SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As websites are often fairly static, it’s important to have a platform that’s regularly updated. With a blog, you can post as and when you want. As long as you’re using fresh, relevant content and purpose-driven keywords, you’ll increase on-site SEO, boost your search engine rankings and ultimately attract more traffic to your site, leading to more potential customers. What a dream!


  1. It helps to establish authority.

A blog can have a huge impact on how your customers see your brand, so why not use it to establish credibility and position yourself as an expert in your industry? You can do this by creating high quality content that’s helpful to your customer base. Use your blog to answer in-depth questions, offer sound advice and useful tips, and start trends to keep your business ahead of the curve. If you aim to be a leader (not a follower!) and outshine the competition, then your customers will start to trust your views and your service will become a reliable go-to.


  1. It helps to strengthen your brand personality.

When you’re looking to establish the character of your brand, your blog can work as your playground. Experiment with tone-of-voice, showcase all kinds of content (copy, images, videos, infographics, games, etc.) and be as playful as you like with it. As long as your content isn’t too far away from your business specialism, it’s the perfect place to refine your style.


Once you’ve unveiled a strong persona on your blog, you can filter it through to other channels, such as social media. This will not only strengthen your following in the long-run (people love a brand with character!), it will also help to spread brand awareness and grow your business organically.


  1. It helps to engage customers.

Your blog can help you build a community in a way that your website can’t. By giving your customers valuable content that they can relate to and making your brand more personable and approachable, you’re likely to encourage engagement. If your blog comes with a comment section, use it! Extending the invitation for a two-way discussion is brilliant for business; just make sure you’re quick to respond when someone comments! By answering questions, acknowledging chatter and keeping the conversation rolling, you’ll boost your customer relationships and keep them coming back for more.

So what are you waiting for? Not only is a blog a source for free business advertising (score!), it’s also really fun! It will stimulate your creativity, focus your strategies and keep you on your toes. You’ll soon find out what works and what doesn’t and in the long-term your business will be stronger for it!