25 Alternative Business Card Uses

30/09/2015 14:18:47

25 Alternative Business Card Uses

Looking for inspiration or just looking for some uses for your leftover business cards? Have a look at our top 25 list alternative business card uses:

1. An alternative to a coaster

2. Make a card game out of them

3. Loyalty cards (make sure they’re uncoated)


4. Appointment cards

5. Fold in half, stick to the wall and use as a dust collector when drilling

6. Feedback cards

7. A bookmark

8. Earring holders

9. Product labels/tags

10. Dividers in a small shoe box for storage

11. A fan to help you cool down

12. A paint swatch

13. Personalise your note books

14. Ice scraper

15. Gift tags

gift tags.jpg

16. Anti-slamming device (folded and stuck in drawers)

17. Building a house of cards

18. Set square? (may need to confirm with a protractor)

19. Wire tidys – wrap them around a card


20. Ruler

21. Gift voucher

22. Baby announcement cards

23. Save the date cards

24. Event tickets

25. IOU cards

Remember, if you have any ideas for alternative business card uses that are a little out of the box let us know and comment below.