10 Reasons Why Your Flyers May End Up In The Bin

18/02/2016 11:39:29

10 Reasons Why Your Flyers May End Up In The Bin

Flyers are one of the most cost effective ways to get your name out there and can generate a higher return on investment than many other marketing methods. That being said, only a well-thought-out flyer will get the best results. Whether you hand them out to the masses or you use them as an information sheet in your product packaging, take a look at our top 10 reasons for why those flyers you’ve lovingly created may end up in the bin.

  1. It’s not clear what’s being promoted

Just because you know the product inside and out, it doesn’t mean everyone does. Go back to basics and explain clearly what it is that your product or service does. Don’t surround your point with waffle, instead, just stick to the point and communicate it clearly with a straightforward headline and minimal subtext. If you have an offer or an exclusive promotion then make that clear at a glance, don’t beat around the bush!

  1. They’re cluttered

It can be tempting to cram your flyer with as much information as possible and fill up every tiny nook and cranny on the page- you want to get your money’s worth after all! But this can be overwhelming for the reader and the point you really want to get across can be buried amid the waffle and unnecessary information surrounding it. There’s nothing wrong with giving your design a little room to breathe. Your flyer will be better for it.

  1. They have typos

No matter how beautifully designed your flyer is, as soon as a reader finds a typo, the whole thing can look unprofessional and amateur. We know typos and grammar issues can get overlooked from time to time, but to avoid this, make sure you ask at least one other person to check it over. It’s amazing how many errors you can miss when you’ve read it a thousand times.

  1. They’re low quality

If you have some products you want to showcase, give them the spotlight by using a high quality image. This goes for your logo too. A pixilated image just won’t cut it and will only make it harder for the reader to see how amazing your product or service is. Never say it’ll do, attention to detail will certainly pay off.

  1. There’s no contact details

It’s all well and good telling your audience how amazing your product is, but what do you want them do next? We’re not mind-readers, so if there’s no web address or contact details included in the design, you’re creating a barrier to that next sale. Sure, they could just use a search engine but those who don’t will be lost.

  1. It’s not visually engaging

The design savvy amongst us will know that when we see a great design we're much more likely to invest in the brand and take the proposition seriously. The importance of having a well-designed flyer can be underestimated. Our brains process images in ¼ a second and with the average consumer attention span being just 8 seconds, you’ve got to grab their attention quick-sharp! If you’re struggling for inspiration there are plenty of free flyer templates out there to get those ideas flowing.

  1. It doesn’t stand out from the crowd

We’ve probably seen plenty of adverts in our life time, so it’s vital that you offer something different or try an unusual approach to your marketing to make sure you get seen. Bold colours, a witty headline, a humorous picture; try and think a little out of the ordinary.

  1. It’s not interesting to the reader

There’s absolutely no point in giving your flyer to a person who will definitely have no interest in what you are promoting. Will a teenager be interested in the latest stair-lift? Probably not! Do your research and specify where your target audience is likely to be, what they do in their spare time or when they are likely to be out and about if you’re handing out flyers around town.

  1. It looks cheap

No one wants to hand out a cheap looking leaflet. By opting for a substantial stock or a fancy lamination, you're increasing the perceived value of your flyer, which is sure to increase its chances of being kept - it’s not as pricey as you may think!

  1. There’s nothing in it for me

Always list the benefits of your business or product as people will be asking themselves ‘what’s in it for me?’ A flyer can be a powerful sales tool, so by all means promote yourself, but at the same time, don’t use sales language that’s too forceful. You need the information to be relatable to the reader and make them feel that their life would be much better with your product in it. If you can identify a common problem and use your service as a solution, that’s the winning formula!

So now you know! If you’ve ticked all the right boxes and are proud of your flyer design, send it over to our creative team on We’d love to showcase a few on our blog as inspiration to others. Quite the opposite of going in the bin, right?