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Flyer Series: Design

Flyer Series: Design

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21 Oct 2015

The proof is in the print. With the fast paced evolution of the digital age, the medium of print has faced some seriously tough competition but here at instantprint HQ – we’re obviously still big fans.

We get to see first-hand the part print plays in effective communication for large and small businesses and how time and again our customers continue to use flyers, posters and business cards in creative ways.

The rise of online marketing continues but we’re spelling it out for print and how this vital ingredient in the marketing mix can work for you.

Let's Start with Branding
Vital for success, whatever your campaign mission. Creating a look and feel for your brand is essentially building an identity. It allows people to fully relate to what your business is all about. Try to think, if your brand had a face what would it look like?

Typefaces and colours will bring this identity to life. If you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to make a note of your core values and what message you want to convey – this will give you a better idea on the kind of fonts, logos and colours you should use. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our flyers templates.

Guarantee to Be Seen
Extending your branding onto printed items allows you to reach an extended portion of your market which exists offline. It’s targeted visibility at its best. Find out where your audience are and make sure you’re there to hand out the goods – flyers, business cards and anything that will increase awareness of your brand. For the launch of new businesses, this is an ideal opportunity to meet with potential customers and really steer the perception they have of your brand.

Design It to Last
The power of print is not necessarily in the size of the paper but in the sentiment of your design. For years people keep a hold of printed items, all for sentimental reasons. Boarding passes from an unforgettable trip, cinema tickets from a first date and the flyer from a gig – even newspaper cuttings –they all ignite fond memories, making them valuable enough to keep. Good to bear in mind the next time you’re designing material you want someone to keep hold of.

Achieve a Niche Reach
Print is possibly still one of the strongest ways to make a VIP out of each customer but take care who you put on your list, not everyone will want to come to the same party.

Doing a bit of research into your target audience will prove to be one of the best uses of your time; not everyone likes the same thing but with print you can tailor your items to suit. Find out what types of print media the people you want to talk to consume, and how often they view it. Whilst your online audience will expect a daily dose of something new, you can make print worthy announcements of the best bits.

Ryan Mold

About the Author

Hi! I’m Ryan, the Graphic Designer at instantprint. I like helping customers by creating helpful print and designs tips and guides to make sure their artwork looks the best that it can.