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Santa’s Workshop as a Business

Santa’s Workshop as a Business

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16 Dec 2016

If there’s one operation all businesses should look up to, it’s Santa’s Workshop. Not only does it have a solid brand identity dating back hundreds of years, incredible marketing that feels new with every season and millions of satisfied customers worldwide, it also values the importance of having happy employees, offering a warm, joyous work environment and a super generous holiday package! Where do we apply?!


With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d have a little fun by imagining how the structure would look if Santa’s Workshop was a real-life business! It goes without saying that Mrs Claus runs the roost from behind the scenes, but who heads up toy production? Who’s in charge of logistics? And who’s the guy out in the field making sure that Santa’s ready to fly? Read on to find out…


Santa's Workshop Infographic.jpg


If you were an employee in Santa’s workshop, which department would you work for and why?

Jon Smith

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