Marketing Tips: The Power of Branding

14/10/2015 16:11:23

Marketing Tips: The Power of Branding

So I came across this advert earlier this morning when I was checking my usual feeds and design blogs. Incredibly, this is one part of a print campaign for McDonalds creatively thought up by the agency TBWA based in Paris. Now those of you who buy or design print regularly may notice a lack of content, furthermore an almost arrogant removal of the company logo.

Now what’s incredibly powerful about the McDonalds brand is that even without the logo, you know who it is. That is the power of brand. We know whose fries they are, we know the packaging and we know the colours. This is the power of brand recognition and what can be achieved if done consciously & carefully.

So for your next campaign, why not try something a little more bullish, brash or bold? A good technique I like to use is having a full bleed image on the front side (of a flyer, postcard) with some well thought out copy to entice readers. Remember, when sending out your next campaign think about the end user, what do they want to see, what do they want to read. In the case above what do they want to… eat?

Much like a well known rock star being known by a single name only a handful of companies or businesses may ever achieve that global recognition. That’s not to say it’s impossible but to do it you need to be crystal clear on what your brand means to your customers.

How can you improve brand awareness? That’s for another post.